21 March 2017

Best Tournament players March 18th and 19th

Dear friends!

There were some really exciting battles last weekend in the TSS tournaments:

Ground Forces Tournaments

Team Panzer_AS with _Dimon_71rus_ and Lich_Tiger_pro has become the best tanker duo from the last weekend! They took their first victory in the Tank blitz-tournament 2x2 in Arcade Battles mode by winning against team JTZ (z0078 and _John_Tanner). In 3rd place was team RUSSIANS (HyboKiller and LEONIDROBOT).

Winning the Tank blitz-tournament 2x2 in Realistic Battles mode was not as easy for the Panzer_AS - their opponents, team BARS (KOT_HA_CAMOJIETE and Panther_YIII) proved to be very strong and sent them to the loser’s bracket in the 7th round! But  Panzer_AS didn’t give up and returned the favour in the final match on the Poland map for the double crown in the tank tournaments. Team Karaya (FokaA_ngry and BarDoza) took 3rd place.

The Serbian team inat (Vicco_SRB and SuRPRIsE) confidently won the Tank blitz-tournament 2x2 in Simulator Battles mode. On their way to victory they had to fight the experienced team 228 (_QuiGonsky and MONACO) twice. But the most surprising play showed Panzer_AS taking third place - unbelievable results!

Аircraft Tournaments

Three great pilots fought for the 1st place in the Air blitz-tournament 1x1 in Arcade Battles mode on Yak-1B - Alex_24RUS won the day, with _SkyForcer_ in 2nd place and  experienced duelist, _V3na in 3rd place.

A real superhero of the Air blitz-tournament 1x1 in Realistic Battles mode was _socolik_ - he had to play twice as much matches than his opponents in the loser’s bracket after he lost in the 1st round of the tournament. But his will was strong and he won the tournament! Players from the KOTbI squadron showed excellent skill - Sasha08104 took 2nd and _G_A_M_B_1_T_ ended up in 3rd place. 

Champion of the air tournaments, murahiga continues to dominate virtual skies of War Thunder and wins the second Air blitz-tournament 1x1 in Simulator Battles mode in a row! Dmitry_FX takes the well deserved 2n

See you in the new tournaments every week on the TSS portal!

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