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17 March 2017

St. Patrick's Day

No.1 Fighter squadron, Irish army air corps at Baldonnel, Ireland by CmdNomad

Dear Players, 

on behalf of the entire team here at War Thunder we wish all of you a very happy St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrated as an international holiday all over the world from Moscow, New York, Argentina, and even Japan. This holiday is best known as the Feast of St. Patrick. This feast or celebration dates all the way back to Ireland and Great Britain  as a way to mark the death of the highly regarded patron Saint of Ireland as according to the Church calendar. Today, families, friends and strangers, will come together to share green beer, laughs, music, parades, and smiles.

So from all of us to all of you:

May the luck of the Irish be with you for the entire year to come.

From 15:00 GMT on March 17th to 07:00 GMT on March 20th:

Participate in the special 8x8 tournament in aircraft Arcade Battles on the Gladiator Mk.II
and win "Four-leaf Clover" and "Personal motif of Brendan Finucane" decals
5 victories in the tournament 10 victories in the tournament
Four-leaf Clover Decal Decal with personal motif of Brendan Finucane

Tournament is available in the “Event” tab!

The War Thunder Team

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