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10 March 2017

Large Calibres and Rocket Science!

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From 15:00 GMT on March 10th to 07:00 GMT on March 13th

The events 'Large Calibres!' and 'Rocket Science'
will be available with +20%  & +20%  bonuses!

Only enemies which have been destroyed and torn to shreds can be considered ‘not dangerous’, and so, what better way to achieve this than with large calibre weapons? Pilots and tankers, this weekend only, take part in these ‘one shots’ events: "Large Calibres" and "Rocket Science!"

Large Calibres

In the 'Large Calibres' Arcade event, the most hard-hitting aircraft, with 37mm cannons or higher, will go head to head in unforgiving aerial battles. Destroy enemies and lead your team to victory to achieve an additional bonus of +20% to your battle reward.






  • Tempest Mk.V (Vickers P)
  • Hurricane Mk.IV
  • Mosquito Fb Mk.XVIII
  • Me 410A-1/U4
  • Ме 410B-2/U4
  • Ju 87G1
  • Ju 87G2
  • Hs 129B-3
  • Me 262A 1-A/U4
  • LaGG-3-34
  • Yak-9T
  • Yak-9K
  • Yak-9P
  • Yak-9UT
  • Il-2-37
  • Su-6 (M-71F)
  • P-39 Airacobra (all US and USSR modifications, except Р-400)
  • P-63 Kingcobra (all US and USSR modifications)
  • PBJ-1H
  • Ki-102 otsu
  • Ki-96
  • Ki-44-II otsu
  • Ki-45 otsu
  • Ki-45 tei
  • Ki-45 hei

Rocket Science

In the “Rocket Science” event, ground vehicles which are armed with guided and unguided missiles will be pitted against one another in explosive combat! Victory will go to the team which is first to achieve 100 frags. It will be interesting to find out what is more dangerous: the precision of guided missiles, or the mad flurry of unguided missiles.

The event will take place on the location “ Tunisia”.





  • Swingfire
  • Strv 81
  • Cromwell RP-3
  • Panzerwerfer 42
  • RakjPz 2 HOT
  • RakjPz 2
  • IТ-1
  • RBT-5
  • BМ-8-24
  • M26 T99
  • Calliope
  • M551

The War Thunder Team

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