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Due to the technical issues, we were forced to deactivate the event again, thank you for understanding!

Dear players!

At 17:30 GMT February 27th we will be launching a testing of the new event, where you can choose for yourself which battle you would like to join. Moreover after the battle ends you may still stay in the chosen room to join the next battle with the same team lineup.The mechanics are the same as in Custom Battles.

Mode features:

  • Besides an option to join a random battle players also has an opportunity to choose a specific room for themselves.
  • The available room list shows only those battles that have vacant places to join.
  • A player is able to enter a room only if they have the required vehicles in their hangar slots. They also have an option to choose a specific battling party in case there is no significant advantage in the number of players by the opposite party.
  • After the end of a battle, the room remains open and the next battle will start after a period of time automatically with the same participants.
  • The next battle won’t start if the number of players on either sides does not meet the balance requirements - In such a case, a countdown will begin and if the teams do not meet the balance requirements before it ends, the room will be disbanded.
  • The room description shows the time passed after its creation. A player may join a room any time as soon as they meet the requirements.
  • Battles created in such rooms provide the same rewards and achievements as in any other events.

Features of this test:

  • Pacific War battles (British aircraft vs Japanese aircraft and American aircraft vs Japanese aircraft)
  • Several different events available
  • Respawn mechanics are the same as in the Air AB
  • The following vehicles are available: 1st - Aircraft of BR 3.7 - 4.7, 2nd - Aircraft of BR  5.0 - 6.3.
  • Battles will be held in Simulation mode
  • Choose "automatic repair" option in the hangar so that aircraft are available for fly-out in the the next session
  • Carrier spawns have been temporarily changed to air spawns

The test may be stopped at any time!

The War Thunder Team

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