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Rescue operation
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From 15:00 GMT on the 17th of February to 07:00 GMT on the 20th of February

Participate in the event "Rescue operation"


The port in which our allied ships are maintained is under attack! The enemy is overcoming the defenses and are dominating the airspace. Under these circumstances, defenders will only be able to rescue the crew from the damaged and dangerously tilted carrier. With the lack of appropriate naval forces, Object 906 has been delivered to the battlefield. As such, these vehicles will be the attacking air forces’ main target.


In this battle pilots will participate with British aircraft while tankers will fight in Soviet vehicles.

  • Ground Forces mission: Travel to the aircraft carrier and rescue the endangered crew at the designated area.
  • Air Forces mission: destroy the  floating Object 906 vehicles, thus depriving the army reinforcements.

Note : Vehicles be issued to all participants, even if it is not researched and purchased. To participate in the event you need any vehicles of the 2nd rank for USSR or Britain.

Tankers, be careful! Torpedoes travel at high speeds and you may not have enough time to effectively dodge them. If you move in tight formations, multiple vehicles risk suffering damage over a large area from a single torpedo.

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