14 February 2017

Best Tournament players February 11th and 12th

Pilots and tankers!

Are you ready to find out who won the tournaments on the TSS portal last weekend? If yes, read below: 

Тank tournaments

The best tanker in the Tank blitz-tournament 1x1 Arcade Battles mode was Iron__Duke. He played in the final against CyPoBbIU_Pycckuu (this nickname when translated to English means “Harsh Russian”) who took the 2nd place. Two players shared the 3rd place - XO66IT and PRAVEDNIK.

The champion of the Tank blitz-tournament 1x1 Realistic Battles mode is _K1LLER_ - he returned to the finals and won after losing in the 7th round of the tournament. At 2nd place -  EvilBambus and on 3rd - NaVi_Inspector.

_K1LLER_ hasn’t stopped after winning the realistic battles mode and took the first place in the Tank blitz-tournament 1x1 Simulator Battles mode! His strongest opponent was GaBoXet, who was placed 2nd. EvilBambus, who showed excellent skills during the weekend, took 3rd place.

Аircraft tournament

The experienced arcade air battles ace, _S_t_e_a_l_t_h_, won the Air blitz-tournament 1x1 Arcade Battles mode. Another player who consistently shows good results every weekend, Sta1ker97, took 2nd place.

The most interesting match in the Air blitz-tournament 1x1 Realistic Battles mode was the loser’s bracket final! AaronFreeman, multiple champion of air simulator tournaments and _socolik_, an experienced Realistic Battles pilot, fought to the last second of the match but couldn’t decide who is better. In the end - two 2nd places! The win in the tournament goes to AnpeJIbka, who hasn’t lost any matches.

After taking the 2nd place in the realistic air tournament, AaronFreeman went on to conquer his favourite Air blitz-tournament 1x1 Simulator Battles mode. Losing a battle in round 4 of the tournament didn’t stop him from reaching the champion’s title. In 2nd place -  LoGo_7, in 3rd - Maximus_25.

See you in the new tournaments every week on the tss.warthunder.com!

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