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New naval forces location : English Shore
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We continue to develop new locations for our game. This time we would like to introduce a new location for Naval Battles - “English shore”. The action will take place on the coastal area of the British Isles.

The battling parties will have to capture and hold the strategic passages between small islands and moss covered cliffs. The landscape allows hiding of smaller vessels behind the rocks and makes it possible to lead a sudden and fast attack straight for the capture zones.

The location is inspired from various areas of the British coast - the white cliffs of Dover, the coast of Wales and around Ramsey Island. The Maunsell Forts - metal fortresses mounted on pylons, being a part of the British coastal defenses are also a feature of this latest location.

This new beautiful location will be introduced in the close future - one of the next test sessions of Naval Battles will take place right here. Join in in and see it for yourself!

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