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"Airfield Assault" and "Defense" Stalingrad, Enduring Confrontation "English Channel"
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From 20th January 15:00 GMT to 23rd January 07:00 GMT

Events [Airfield Assault] and [Defense] Stalingrad
Enduring Confrontation above the English Channel

Airfield Assault (AB and RB)

There are three airfields in the town area, each of the two teams has an airfield on either side of the town, but there is also a central one in the middle, this airfield is open for capture by all and once capped, the owning team can capture the others. The central base is worth no ticket bleed, but as soon as any of the other fields are taken, tickets will bleed from the original owners. This will continue until the central airfield is captured again and then the team’s satellite base is recaptured. This will be a real tug of war between the two teams, a real struggle for survival.

Do not wait, start your engine and capture the key airfield!

For ground vehicles - event [Defense] Stalingrad (AB and RB)

One team needs to defend and prevent any capture of the point which is already controlled by the defending team from the beginning. The other team needs to make every effort to capture the point.

Both teams will respawn at some distance from the point, but the defense team respawns closer and thus gets a head start in order to take up defensive positions.

Aircraft event "Airfield Assault" and tank event "Defense" Stalingrad can be found in the game in Events and Tournaments tab.

Historical Enduring Confrontation on the location “English Channel” (RB)

Enduring Confrontation - this game mode provides extended battles for aircraft, it also gives unlimited respawns. Joining a battle in [Enduring Confrontation] is possible even after the start of a mission.

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