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War Thunder Winter Holiday Summary (with survey)
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Attention! Trophies for the event stages will be available to purchase in the game until the 23rd of January (11:00 GMT)!
You still have enough time to purchase the missing stages to get valuable prizes. 

Dear Friends, 

The Winter holidays have come to an end. With the new year events over, some of you will have already noticed unique event vehicles such as the LVT ZiS-2, the Type 62, Ki-21 hei, and the Me 262A-2a Sturmvogel in your hangar. Meanwhile, our mechanics have been hard at work preparing your machines for combat over the holidays! How much fuel was consumed over the course of these battles? How many shells are now missing from their supply depots? Let's look at some of the statistics relating to this epic large-scale event!

  • 155,866 battles took place during this event. 
  • 8,683,677 vehicles in total were destroyed, more than the total amount of vehicles produced during WWII!
  • 168,767 active players participated in the chronicles over the 140 historical events.

An impressive scale, but were you able to achieve your goals? We are keen to know which goals you set for yourself and if you were able to achieve them. Share your feedback with us in the special survey!

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