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Seasonal discounts
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From December the 24th until January the 6th

Enjoy discounts for vehicle modifications, backup vehicles, talismans
and of course, vehicles of different nations! 

New 50% discounts available every 2 days, don’t miss out:

24th and 25th of December - Discount on modifications on all vehicles, including backup vehicles and talismans
26th and 27th of December - Discount on the purchase of  British and Japanese vehicles 
28th and 29th of December - Discount on the purchase of  German vehicles 
2nd and 3rd of January - Discount on the purchase of U.S. vehicles
4th and 5th of January - Discount on the purchase of USSR vehicles

Please note discounts do not apply to Bundles, Navy Vessels and Japanese ground vehicles!​

Discounts will start at 09:00 GMT​!
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