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NVIDIA Ansel - announcement of winners
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Dear players,

recently we announced a special contest for the best panoramic and classic pictures that had to be created via NVIDIA Ansel Screenshot technology. Today we would like to present to you the winners - enjoy!

For overwhelming quality and activity in both contests:

Special prize | author: LoLo_PARD

7000 + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank

LoLo_PARD did an outstanding job with the amount of posted entries and their quality, therefore we give him a "special" prize in the contest.

“You look great” classic screenshot

Nice perspective, the right choice of after-effects and an already familiar picture is changed and enhanced. You can master capabilities in Ansel so that you can surprise the jury? Be daring! Create the most spectacular screenshot by using the Ansel features, use after-effects and make the picture more spectacular and impressive!

1st place | author: NarkiCZ

5000 + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank

2nd place | author: SilverMindPOL

3000 + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank

3rd place | author: alphazoom

2000 + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank

4th place | author: Sam_Tkm

1000 + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank

Congratulations! Let's move to the second part of the competition.

“In the heart of battle” panoramic screenshot

Create a 360° panorama of the eventful battle or scenic game location. Discover all the possibilities of the panoramic shots by catching of the most successful moment and camera position in the battle.

1st place | author: TomKate

5000 + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank.

2nd place | author: Mr. Flibble

3000 + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank.

3rd place | author: Bomberpilot1784

2000 + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank.

4th place | author: flyingdemon

1000 + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank.

The contest is over - but the technology is still available, make a great use out of it! Participate in other regular screenshot competitions and don't forget - it's so easy, just press ALT + F2 and capture the best moment of your battle!

You can find the rest of the entries on Social Media under the #ThisIsWarthunder hashtag.
The War Thunder Team
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