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NVIDIA Ansel in War Thunder and a competition “A new look”
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From 29th of November to 20:59 GMT on the 11th of December
Competition “A new look”!

Now, a new perspective on the game is given to you. View the game from all angles, because we have introduced NVIDIA Ansel support! This mechanics allow you to make the most incredible and impressive screenshots directly from the epicentre of the battle. You only need the GeForce Experience application and a graphic card that supports this technology.

The simple and convenient mechanism of Ansel allows you to pause time in the battle replay and make a screenshot from any point on the battlefield. Look into the cannon barrel of an enemy tank or just take a look at the world from the wing of your fighter, everything is possible! Especially impressive will be screenshots from the coast or those that are taken from the battle over the ocean. Thanks to the already integrated to War Thunder NVIDIA WaveWorks technology, waves and reflections on the water looks beautiful and realistic.

Ansel not only allows you to choose an interesting perspective, but also rework the image by the use of the integrated filters or changing individual settings: brightness, contrast, sketch effect and other settings. Also you can change the point and angle of view and make 3D panoramas which you will be able to watch on your smartphone or in a VR helmet.

Watch Ansel at work in the competition “A new look” and win Golden Eagles and premium vehicles!

You need to publish your creations in Facebook with the hashtag #ThisisWarThunder!

Nomination and terms and conditions

“In the heart of battle” “You look great”
Create a 360° panorama of the eventful battle or scenic game location. Discover all the possibilities of the panoramic shots by catching of the most successful moment and camera position in the battle.
Nice perspective, the right choice of after-effects and an already familiar picture is changed and enhanced. You can master capabilities in Ansel so that you can surprise the jury? Be daring! Create the most spectacular screenshot by using the Ansel features, use after-effects and make the picture more spectacular and impressive!


In both nomination we will have 5 prize places and an unlimited number of prizes of the jury.

  • 1st place  — 5000 + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank.
  • 2nd place — 3000  + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank.
  • 3rd place — 2000 + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank.
  • 4th place — 1000  + premium vehicle up to 3rd rank.
  • Jury prize — 500

As a prize you can choose only premium vehicles which are available to purchase for GE.

Tips for making your creation

How Ansel works? Short tutorial video

How you can share your creation in the nomination “In the heart of the battle”

1. Follow the link  https://roundme.com/ and click “SIGN UP”;
2. After creating your account choose “CREATE SPACE”;
3. Drag and drop your panorama screenshots in the browser window;
4. Fill out:

  • Name (must be exactly the same as your nickname in “War Thunder”);
  • In “Space description” use hashtag: #ThisisWarThunder;
  • Choose “Published” as - ON;

5. Click “SAVE” and copy the URL of your panorama and paste it on your FaceBook page by using of the special hashtag

How to share your creation in the nominations “You look great”

Your screenshot with after-effects will be saved automatically as a screenshot. Just share it on your FaceBook page and don’t forget to use special hashtag #ThisisWarThunder and your nickname in the game.

Terms and conditions:

  • Competition ends at 20:59 GMT on the 11th of December.
  • Your creation needs to be made especially for this competition and shared on the Facebook with hashtag #ThisisWarThunder.
  • Your creation needs to be made using NVIDIA Ansel.
  • In the description you need to write your game nickname.
  • The submission must not violate moral, ethical or legal norms or the Forum Rules, Game Rules or the User Agreement.
  • If you already have premium vehicles which you chosen you will not receive compensation in GE.
  • The Contest Organisers reserve the right to alter these Conditions at any time.
  • Contest results will be published on the 13th of December.
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