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1 December 2016

Music composition for Naval Forces in War Thunder

How music is born in War Thunder

Friends, every tanker and pilot knows the attention we give to sounds and music in our game: the engine recordings of ground vehicles and aircraft, the sounds of firing, live actors and of course the orchestra, this creates a unique atmosphere not only on screen, but also around you and we don’t intend to change this aspiration. 

In anticipation of the naval forces appearing in the world of War Thunder, we present to you our third album including the game’s musical score, in addition to the existing collections, this latest one has been recorded specifically for our naval fleet in the game. We hope these latest 19 tracks from the Baltic Symphony Orchestra will complement the image of sea battles not only in game, but will be an excellent addition to your music collection.

The soundtrack for War Thunder Naval forces is available in iTunes, Amazon and the GooglePlay stores:

    Only in iTunes!

19 tracks with a total duration of 40 minutes.
Written and recorded at Strategic Music, Radio House, St.-Petersburg.
Performed by the Baltic Symphony Orchestra.

We remind you that we have already released two music collections with soundtracks from the game: War Thunder Air Forces and War Thunder Ground Forces. 50 inspirational songs that users are accustomed to hearing in battle, can also be purchased in iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and on other platforms.

You can order it in:

You can order it in:


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