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Black Friday & Thanksgiving [Discounts have ended]
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From November 24th 15:00 GMT till November 28th 09:00 GMT

"Take advantage of special Black Friday"

Dear players! 

You can buy a really black bundle with a great discount this year's Black Friday! The final price of each bundle will depend on whether you already have some of the packs or not. Be sure to login to the store to see your individual price!

«Black Friday» bundle - 50% off!


This Bundle includes:

  1. M18 Black Cat Advanced Pack;
  2. A43 Black Prince Advanced Pack.


62.98 - 31.49

Seize your chance to get a big Naval bundle with a 30% discount! If you have already pre-ordered one of the naval packs or both of them - their prices will also be deducted from the final cost of the bundle! Note! It is your unique opportunity to get the new pack with the German S-204 Lang torpedo boat with a discount!

Note! With the start of pre-beta testing of naval battles 3D-decorators and decals were granted to all those who have pre-orders. From today there are only ordinary naval packs with no bonuses in the store.

Upon purchase, you will receive the included vehicles and Premium Account time from packs that weren’t deducted from the bundle price. Note - owning a vehicle from one of the packs alone will not be counted towards the price reduction. You have to own the whole pack as described. You can check this in your purchase history.

You can also get a premium US fighter Northrop P-61A-1 "Black Widow" with a 50% discount!

The aircraft can be found in the game in the premium section of US aviation tech tree. The price for it with a discount is 1250 Golden Eagles! The offer is available from November 25th 10:00 GMT till November 28th 09:00 GMT.

The offer is valid for PC, Mac and Linux users only. For PS4 users with PS Plus subscription there is a 30% discount for separate naval packs from November 23rd till December the 1st.


Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated by many countries  and cultures throughout the world as a way to give give thanks for a good harvest in Fall.

Officers of the 77Th Bomb Group and
the 54Th Fighter Group celebrating
Thanksgiving with a dinner

In North America it was originally celebrated by Spanish settlers in the South of what would become the United States based upon European traditions at the end of harvest time. The traditional feast we associate with Thanksgiving began in Canada and the US. Canadian Thanksgiving takes place a month earlier than in the US as winter in Canada comes earlier than its southern neighbor giving the region an earlier crop harvest.

The United States up until the end of the Civil War had no fixed date for the holiday. For over 100 years it was celebrated at different times in virtually every colony or state. For 40 years American Author Sarah Hale wrote letters and published articles lobbying for a National Holiday. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln authorized the first National Thanksgiving in order to promote unity between the people of the North and South. However due to War and the subsequent period of reconstruction it would not be observed as such until the late 1870s with a formal date established in 1941.

Today Thanksgiving is not generally celebrated by large community meals as it was 150-200 years ago and is more recognized as a symbol of families coming together and giving thanks for another year together, their health, and the fruits of their labor. On behalf of the Staff and Developers at War Thunder we would like to give thanks for another year of incredible growth not only for the game but for our amazing player community as well. Whether you are with family, friends, or hanging out with your squaddies and playing War Thunder today. We wish you a sincerely Happy Thanksgiving, and look forward to another year together and the blessings that may come.

The War Thunder Team

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