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Celebrate “Panfilov’s 28” movie premiere!
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The Movie “Panfilov’s 28” by “28 Panfilov’s Guardsmen” studio  and “Gaijin Entertainment” is about to premiere in Russia on November 24th. In order to celebrate the film’s release, we have prepared an event, as well as a player’s icon and tank decal which can be won in the event.

From November 16th 16:00 GMT to November 24th 07:00 GMT
Take part in the event “Battle at the Dubosekovo crossing” in Arcade Battles and win prizes!

To receive decal “28” (can be use only on USSR vehicle)

  • Destroy 25 enemies whilst using air or ground vehicles of ranks 2-5

 To receive a player’s icon “Panfilov’s 28”

  • Get 4 “Supporting Fire” awards (awarded to a player who helped an ally in his squad to destroy an enemy vehicle) whilst using air or ground vehicles of ranks 2-5


You can follow your progress in profile → Achievements → Special 

You can find "28" decal in the "special" section. Decal can be used only on Soviet vehicles.

You can complete tasks both in the special event and in the random battles.


News and details about the film’s international distribution will be announced at a later time.
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