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War Thunder’s Birthday: we are giving gifts to you!
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Friends, it’s time for the final and most striking part of our special in honour of our four years. We are gifting Boosters and Golden Eagles to you!

From 16:00 GMT on the 4th of November till 09:00 GMT on the 7th of November

Gifts from our Facebook page:

  • Like our official FB page
  • Start the special app and answer correctly  just one question.
  • Receive a promo code and activate them here.
  • Receive the prize: +100%  and  boosters for 5 battles in “menu” >>> “inventory” >>> “boosters”!

    From 16:00 GMT on the 4th of November till 09:00 GMT on the 7th of November

Golden Eagles as a bonus for players who have supported our game!

  • Perform one victorious battle within this time and we will credit a valuable bonus in Golden Eagles to you!
    • If you purchased between 1000 and 5000 you will receive 150  for first victory.
    • If you purchased more than 5000 you will receive 500 for first victory.
    • The bonus will be given once only for the first win. You can check your purchases on the special page

Thank you for supporting us, thanks for you congratulations and thanks for being with us on the journey!


Don't forget to check FAQ :

Question:  Do I need to have a specific amount of Golden Eagles on my account to get a bonus?

Not necessary. The calculation will be done on the GE that you have purchased from the day you registered in the game.

Question: I bought GE, but i can not remember how much i have purchased.

You can check your purchases to date in the special pages:

  • PC and Steam players (link)
  • PS4 players (for connected accounts in purchase history) (link)

Question:  I have received many GE in events. Can i get the bonus?

To receive the bonus, the purchase of GE as a separate item will be counted, GE which is included in Packs and Bundles will be counted as well, but “Gifted” GE, as well as GE gained by the activating of special keys (advertising) will not be counted.

Question:  I have calculated my purchased GE and it is not enough for the bonus, can i participate?

You can. You will be able to purchase the required amount of the GE to top your total up till the end of this special and so qualify for the bonus!

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