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From 15:00 GMT 30th of September till 07:00 GMT 3rd of October

Events “Floats” will be available for participation!

Pilots and tankers!

Use all of your piloting skills - capture and maintain control of special points located on the water’s surface by landing on locations near aircraft-carriers in order to score a victory for your team. See below the list of aircraft able to participate in the event. The team which earns the most points will be victorious. You can participate in the event with a new super-heavy flying boat BV-238.

Aircraft available in the event (this includes the latest additions):

  • Sunderland Mk. IIIa
  • MBR-2
  • OS2U-1
  • OS2U-3
  • PBY-5 Catalina
  • PBY-5a Catalina
  • PBY-5a Catalina (USSR)
  • Catalina Mk. IVa (Great Britain)
  • F1M2
  • H6K4
  • H8K2
  • H8K3
  • He 51 B-2/H​
  • BV 238

The War Thunder Team

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