17 September 2016

Gladiators 4x4 Play-offs

From 17th september to 2nd October
Play-offs for duel tournament "Gladiators"
prize fund — over
200 000  Golden Eagles

Dear Friends!

Gaijin Entertainment together with Mad Catz would like to sum up the results of the first stage of the biggest and most prestigious air tournament in War Thunder - the Gladiators 4x4.

The results of the first stage can be found: here.

Congratulations to the teams from the =ENZO=, [COTKA] and =SCORN= squadrons with the top places in the Arcade Battles nomination!

For Squadrons from the Realistic and Simulator modes, the competition is continuing in the play-offs. Pilots from 48 teams and more than 20 countries all over the world will have the chance to show their piloting skills in the skies above beautiful landscapes in War Thunder locations.

Yak-3 (VК-107)

Prizes for the play-offs:

  • 1st place — 6  Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro S mice and 6 х 3000   Golden Eagles + “1st Gladiator” decal
  • 2nd place — 6  Mad Catz R.A.T. 1 mice 6 x 2000  Golden Eagles;
  • 3rd place — 6 premium Yak-3 (VК-107) and 6 х 1000  Golden Eagles.

Keep track of the tournament progress in our eSport Facebook group and watch thrilling air duels from September 17th, 13:00 GMT on the team THINK official channel: Twitch-channel.

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