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Dear friends!

We continue to showcase what’s in store for War Thunder at Europe’s biggest gaming exhibition, Gamescom 2016 in Cologne, Germany, where we’ve had the opportunity to delve into our up-and-coming Naval Battles Closed Beta Test: Knights of the Sea! Here, we’ve given visitors the opportunity to see first hand gameplay of what’s in store for Sea Battles in War Thunder, showcasing what includes famous torpedo boats and vessels. 

It’s always an awesome opportunity to meet and greet you, the players in person, and so far we’ve had the opportunity to take to a huge amount of you. We encourage all who are able to attend Gamescom 2016 to drop by the War Thunder booth and gives our guys and girls a hearty greeting! Of course, not everyone is able to make the journey to Gamescom 2016, and so, we’d like to present to you some of the moments we've been able to experience so far.

Also, every day from the 17th of August, be sure to follow our live shows on our special page dedicated to gamescom 2016 as well as our TwitchTV channel directly.

Don't forget to participate in our Social media Game - get a Naval Decal
and chance to compete about Closed Beta Access to Naval Forces.

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