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Rapid Fire and Floats!
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From 15:00 GMT 29th of July till 07:00 GMT 1st of August

Events “Floats” and “Rapid Fire” will be available for participation!

Pilots and tankers!

This weekend you will be able to join two events: “Floats” and “Rapid Fire”. Elicit barrages of fire on the ground, or capture key points on the water - choose your battlefield!

“Rapid Fire” (AB)

"Floats” (AB)

While using the AA of one of the presented nations of War Thunder, destroy other similar enemy vehicles. Earn the required respawn points and you will be able to fly out with an attacker aircraft. The notion is simple - total destruction!

Location: [Domination] Eastern Europe.

Participating vehicles are:

  • 72-K-GAZ-ММ
  • 94-КМ ZiS-12
  • ZSU-37
  • ZUT-37
  • Sd.Kfz. 6/2
  • Ostwind
  • Wirbelwind
  • M15 CGMC
  • M16 MGMC
  • AC Mk.II AA
  • Crusader AA Mk.II

Use all of your piloting skills - capture and maintain control of special points located on the water’s surface by landing on locations near aircraft-carriers in order to score a victory for your team. A predefined setup will indicate the flying boats and float planes that will be allowed to partake. The team which earns the most points will be victorious.

Participating vehicles are (including the new flying boats):

  • Sunderland Mk. IIIa
  • МBR-2
  • He.51B-2/H
  • OS2U-1
  • OS2U-3
  • PBY-5 "Catalina"
  • PBY-5a "Catalina"
  • Catalina Mk. IVa
  • PBY-5a "Catalina" (USSR)
  • F1M2
  • H6K4
  • H8K2
  • H8K3

In both events, you will need to use your own vehicles.

Additional to those two events, for pilots in RB and SB there will be
Historical Enduring Confrontation available on the location “Korsun”!

Be it in an intense air battle, on a chaotic battlefield, or in turbulent waters, strike down your enemy and use your skill and might to bring your team to victory. Have a great weekend, and good luck!

The War Thunder Team

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