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Visual changes in the bonuses and awards
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Pilots and tankers, very soon we’re planning to redesign our visual display of rewards and accruing bonuses on them to make them easier to understand and to clarify the calculation method. We’re also fixing several bugs in the post-battle rewards window.

All that will change is way the display of bonuses and various rewards is shown – the economics and reward calculation rules will remain the same. Vehicle bonuses will not change.

In the first change, we’re redesigning the following mechanics:

1. The Talisman modification will be added on all premium vehicles. This is because all bonuses on premium vehicles were already provided by the Talisman, it simply wasn’t being displayed. This will not alter the bonuses on premium vehicles at all. In future, all purchased premium vehicles will be given to a player along with a Talisman for it.

2. Previously, the Talisman’s bonus description showed a percentage relative to the vehicle reward, this could be confusing. Now the bonus will be displayed as it is: +100%.

​New image​::

This will not change income on the vehicle:

3. The premium account description will now display the reward in a more clear fashion that is easier to calculate.

New image of premium account bonuses​:

4. All bonuses that were previously displayed in calculated form can now be seen in the vehicle’s popup – you will be able to see exactly how they are calculated. The popup will not display a percentage-style addition, but the final bonus, which should be more understandable.

Example Calculation: 428%(final bonus) = 1.36(vehicle multiplier) * (100%(base reward) + 100%(bonus reward from premium account) + 100%(Talisman reward) + 15%(reward from 15% personal Booster)).

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