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From 15:00 GMT on the 8th of July to 07:00 GMT on the 11th of July

Take a part in historical aircraft mission 
[Operation] "Boulogne-sur-Mer" (+30% RP & SL)
in the new location “La Manche”!

The mission will be in RB and SB game modes with historical vehicle setups. You can find it in the “Events and Tournaments” tab in the game's main menu under the name [Operation] Boulogne-sur-Mer.

For the first time in the War Thunder history, the reconstruction of the “Battle of Britain” will be fought over La Manche(The English Channel) between the south-eastern area of Britain and over part of France. During the operation, the Allies have to protect troops which are evacuated from mainland Europe to Great Britain by sea, and the Germans - will not allow the convoy to reach the coast of the island nation.​

After the crushing defeats of 1939 across Europe at the hands of the German War Machine, 1940 saw final fall of the allies in mainland Europe in the Battle of France. Now, as the summer of 1940 began, only Great Britain and the volunteers from other nations who served within her ranks stood as the last barrier before Germany’s total domination of Europe.

German morale was high after the victories leading up to this point, with the British Army and RAF suffering a chain of humiliating defeats concluding with Dunkirk. After last ditch attempt by Hitler that invited the British to surrender, Winston Churchill famously vowed to fight on, regardless of the situation. Thus began the Battle of Britain.

The Luftwaffe's primary objective was to batter Royal Air Force airfields and destroy the aircraft of the RAF en mass so that a land invasion could begin.The Kriegsmarine began to isolate and cut off the vital atlantic supply lines that were the lifeblood of the British war effort. The British braced themselves to defend against the full might of the Luftwaffe and German forces for what would prove be a vital turning point in the Second World war.

After weeks of preparation on both sides, the Battle ferociously began on July the 10th 1940.

The War Thunder Team

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