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Independence Day - Air Battles over the Ardennes
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From 15.00 GMT on the 4th of July until 07.00 GMT on the 7th of July

Take part in the reconstruction of the Air Battles over the Ardennes!

The event will be in the RB and SB game mode with historical vehicle setups.
You can find it in the “Events and Tournaments” tab of the game's main menu.

Pilots and Tankers!

It's Independence Day! Today, July 4th, marks the 240th Anniversary of the start of the War for American Independence! Celebrated across the United States; it is a day for putting aside all differences and demonstrating the group ideals that bind people together as Americans.

Take part in the famous Battle of the Bulge - the last major Nazi assault fought against the Allies in the rocky Ardennes during the winter of 1944 – 1945. Follow the dramatic attempt to split the American forces to cut the army supplies on the brink of their invasion into Germany. Be the one who stands against tyranny and fascism and battle to victory alongside your comrades!

Also, don't miss the chance to grab various U.S. premium vehicles
for up to 50% off in the Gaijin Store until 09.00 GMT on 5th of July!

Happy Independence Day, and see you on the battlefield!

The War Thunder Team

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