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As the month draws to a close, another batch of Community publications has been selected from the War Thunder Live site. Now, presenting to you, some of the interesting content for the month!

Let’s begin with a little warm up:

bomberpilot1784 has impressed us with his beautifully artistic screenshots!

A gorgeous artistic screenshot from armoureddanger

 Let's have a look at one of the hangars presented on Live.

Hunting_Fox shared his iteration of small airfield from Britain map with us.

Whitie_W0lf shared with us his hangar located in middle of field.

Next in our Monthly Live Digest - camouflages! This month, we’ve had some incredibly beautiful camouflages from our live site magicians!

Some stunning historical camouflage shots of the P-80A Shooting Star “Houston Hurricane” flown by Pilot Lt. Bob Eckman of 27th Fighter Squadron, 1st Fighter Group, March Field, California, USA, 1946  from MightyArrow.

Click here to see it!

And next, an impressive camouflage from JeNeDiraiRien, a P36A & P36C "Vanguard". Link to the Skin here.

Something for our russian fans from Enzofer and his MiG-15bis

In addition to these, there is an abundance of great content on the Live site this month. Come and support the authors and give them "like" if you enjoy them!

See you next time, and good luck on the battlefields!

The War Thunder Team

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