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T-44 decal - “Znamensky”
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We have already talked about the restoration of the soviet T-44 medium tank together with the Central Museum of armoured vehicles” in Kubinka.

Along with our viewers, we’ve traveled a long road from a disassembled tank whose fate was to become a pile of spare parts, to a full-fledged battle tank that has become not only a museum exhibit, but also a legitimate participant in reconstructions and events – a vehicle that, thanks to your support, is now in full working order!

The Znamensky has earned the right to a new life not only in the real world!

Warriors, the time has come for this tank to make itself known in War Thunder as well. We’re introducing the Znamensky decal to the game. Any tanker will be able to use it to recreate the appearance of the restored tank in War Thunder.

You can get this decal from today.

 Conditions for obtaining decal:

  • Destroy 300 enemy ground vehicles by driving T-44 in random battles.
  • For Realistic and Simulator Battles an x2 multiplier on destroyed enemies is applied.

If you want to refresh your memory of the restoration process, you can check out our video series:

Unforgotten: T-44 Restoration Project (Part 1/4)
Unforgotten: T-44 Restoration Project (Part 2/4)
Unforgotten: T-44 Restoration Project (Part 3/4)
Unforgotten: T-44 Restoration Project (Part 4/4)
Unforgotten: T-44 'Start up and move out!' in Kubinka

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