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Dear friends! For many players, personal success is no less important than their team’s success. We understand these feelings, and so, we would like to introduce an update for personal statistics. In effect, this will be an expanded list of your achievements and may be displayed individually for each game mode in War Thunder.

The new personal statistics will consist of 6 rating tables (1 each per game mode) and will reflect:

  • Victories percentage
  • Average relative position in the team
  • PvP Rating
  • Number of destroyed enemy player controlled vehicles/ number of respawns
  • Number of destroyed enemy AI controlled vehicles/ number of respawns
  • Average amount of points gained in battles

In order to allow the leaderboard to work properly, statistics will be reset.

To make it easier for you to adapt to the new statistics, we will keep the old variant for some time, but later, it will be completely removed.

The War Thunder Team

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