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Halloween Specials in War Thunder
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From 15.00 GMT on October 30th to 09.00 GMT on November 2nd

Participate in our Halloween specials to gain the rare Po-2 biplane and other ingame items!

Spooky greetings, players!

We are sure that by now you've already taken notice of War Thunder's 3 Years Anniversary and the plenty of specials connected with it, ranging from 50% discounts on Shop packs over plenty of ingame offers to special events and more - but that's not the only thing to celebrate this weekend!

The Halloween weekend is ahead of us, and so is a time of haunting confrontations! One of the most iconic (and scariest!) encounters over the Halloween-themed skies of War Thunder without doubt is the 'Night Witch', bringing destruction to her enemies under the cover of darkness.

Old and new players alike may rejoice over the chance to receive one of the most "overpowered" vehicles in our game - the Polikarpov Po-2 of the infamous female 46th "Taman" Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment, which the Germans dubbed 'Nachthexen' - the 'Night Witches'. Featuring an impressive bomb load of 300 kg and an amazing maximum speed of 134 km/h, this lovely and rare Rank I biplane will conquer one thing for sure: your heart! You can obtain this Community favourite by joining the Witch's Cauldron Challenge! But that's not all: Join in on the Witch Hunt night races for some extra fun on Halloween!

Also, don't forget that our Spooky Screenshot Contest, where you can win some Golden Eagles, is still running until the end of November 1st!

Participate in the Witch's Cauldron Challenge!

Destroy 50 / 25 / 25 (AB/RB/SB) ground targets to receive a Witch's Cauldron.
By destroying 200 / 100 / 100 ground targets you are guaranteed to receive the rare Po-2!

Player vehicles: Attacker, Bomber, Dive Bomber, Torpedo-Bomber​

The Night Witches are recruiting! Establish that you are a worthy pilot capable of handling the uncontested power of the Po-2 by bombing ground targets in random battles. Each Witch's Cauldron obtained increases your chances of being accepted as a Night Witch and therefore will be issued with your Po-2 biplane - even if you are male! Besides the Po-2, which you are guaranteed to receive after destroying 200 / 100 / 100 (AB/RB/SB) ground targets, the Witch's Cauldron also includes a set of spooky decals and other in game items!

The Witch's Cauldron:

Through the Witch's Cauldron, our special chest for Halloween, you may receive various in game items including boosters, backup vehicles, in-game Halloween decals and the rare Po-2 aircraft.

The obtainable Halloween Decal Pack includes three haunting decorations for your War Thunder vehicles: "The Nightmare” text, “From Hell” emblem and the “Hell’s Belle” pin-up!

Good Luck!

Got your Po-2 and are now looking for some extra fun on Halloween?

Participate in the Witch Hunt Night Race!

You can find the race in the 'Events & Tournaments' tab in the game's main menu!

The hunt is on! By joining this unique night race, you will be equipped with a very special version of the Night Witches' Po-2 - and your task is simple: Prove your skills as a pilot and find your way through this serpentine of a track unharmed, but be careful, as the track is not your only enemy. With working tail gunners, your opponents will not give up their pole position that easily!

Note: To be able to participate in the race, you do not need to have the Po-2 unlocked. You will be equipped with a special version by joining the event.

Have a great Halloween in War Thunder!

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