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Spooky Halloween Screenshot Contest
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A Heinkel He 111 dropping spooky Pumpkin bombs, by ZZZlostik. Nightmarish!

Dear Players!

With October coming to an end, Halloween is even closer - a time of spooky encounters, zombies, witches… and candy, of course! We here at War Thunder are already preparing some special ‘treats’ for you for the Halloween weekend as well, and to set you up in the right mood, we have prepared a little contest for you, to win Golden Eagles!


The task is simple: Create a screenshot in War Thunder, then modify and edit it to your liking to fit to the spooky Halloween theme! When you are happy with the result, upload it to War Thunder Live with the hashtag #halloween2015. The three funniest and most fitting screenshots (rather: artworks!) will then be rewarded with Golden Eagles!

You can enter your submission by uploading it to WT.Live before 23:59 GMT on the 1st of November. Winners will be announced within the week. Good luck!


  • 1st Prize: 2 000 Golden Eagles
  • 2nd Prize: 1 000 Golden Eagles
  • 3rd Prize: 500 Golden Eagles


  • Only submissions taken from within War Thunder and edited to fit the Halloween theme are accepted.  
  • Only submissions that have been uploaded to War Thunder Live with the hashtag #halloween2015 are accepted.  
  • Multiple submissions per users are allowed, however a user can only win once.  
  • All submissions must be unique to the contest.  
  • Editing of your screenshot is explicitly allowed. How else can you edit in the Pumpkins!  
  • Minimum resolution for the screenshot is 1200x900 pixels.  
  • Graphic, obscene or any other questionable content will not be considered. The same applies for content violating any War Thunder regulations, EULA, rules etc.  
  • The winners will be picked by a jury of the War Thunder Live Administration team.  
  • By submitting your screenshot, you grant the organizators of the contest all rights to use, edit and distribute the image.  
  • This rules may be changed or amended at any time.  

The War Thunder Team

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