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Landing in Normandy
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From 11:00 GMT on June 5th to 07:00 GMT on June 8th

Take a part in events in honor of the Allied landing in Normandy:

[Domination] Normandy (Arcade Battles)

[Break] Normandy (Realistic Battles)

[Battle] Normandy (Simulator Battles)

War in Mid Air (Arcade Combined Battles)

The missions are available for all Air Battle game modes and can be found
in the 'Events & Tournaments' tab under 'Historical Events'.

Towards the end of 1943, through to the beginning of 1944, the German forces began fortifying the French coast, creating efficient protection, ranging from the Mediterranean Sea to La-Manche. The Main focus was concentrated on fortifying the Pas-de-Calais coast, where the Allies were expected to make their main offensive strike.

Defensive positions maintained a 2 stage defence setup, populated with mines, Czech hedgehogs, and various traps. The defensive sectors of the first line were covered with strategic machinegun positioning and anti-tank armaments, while platoon and company size strong points, stretching approximately 1.5 to 2 kilometres, covered the second line.

Despite this, and having gathered detailed intelligence on planned German defensive strategies, British and American troops were able to strike where they were least expected.

When the landings finally began, only 14 of the 58 German divisions that were situated in France were able to face the Allies (85 divisions in total were deployed in France and Italy, while around 240 were still concentrated on the Eastern front). While there was stiff resistance in other coastal areas, Omaha was the only location where the success of the Allied mission was in serious doubt. As the invasion of Normandy was the largest amphibious assault ever launched, the manpower and machinery involved were massive, involving five army divisions in the initial assault, and over 7,000 ships. In addition to this, 11,000 aircraft were deployed.

By the 11th of June, the Allies had secured the Cotentin Peninsula beyond Cherbourg, but progress continued slowly as the Germans put up fierce resistance. The end of the Normandy campaign came with the destruction of the German 7th Army in the Falaise pocket in August.

The allied invasion had a strong psychological effect for both the besieged Nazi army and Soviet forces, who had fought their way from the East. Great inspiration, and the ideals of the unity of free nations, encouraged every soldier and officer of the Allied forces. It was now clear to them: the victory in the Second World War was at hand.   

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