Update 25.03.2019 (
A bug where specific key combinations in controls caused conflicts between other control settings has been fixed
25 March 2019
Update 21.03.2019 (
He 219 A-7, Do 217N-1, Do 217N-2 — A bug that  caused performance issues when turning on the radar station on these aircraft has been fixed. (...)
21 March 2019
Server Update 19.03.19
Smoke grenades on modern vehicles have been changed to aerosol-type canisters.
19 March 2019
Update 18.03.2019 (
A bug in naval battles where it was impossible to mark a target and fire at it at the distance above 10 kilometers has been fixed.; Challenger 2 -  ESS modification has been added.(...)
18 March 2019
Update 13.03.2019 (
A bug where the M4A3E2 (76) W exhibited the 75 mm M3 gun model, rather than the 76 mm М1, has been fixed. (...)
13 March 2019
Server update 12.03.2019
Research cost for the modifications "Parts" and "FPE" for rank 7 ground vehicles have been reduced.
12 March 2019
War Thunder 1.87 "Locked On" - Changelog
The pioneers of Rank VII Ground Forces, New and advanced Supersonic jets, French Helicopters, New Cruisers and sophisticated Radar technology! All this and more awaits in 1.87!
12 March 2019
Update 05.03.2019 (
Numerous bug fixes.
5 March 2019
Update 02.03.2019 (
Fixed a fuse issue on shells and missiles. Fixed (reduced) the SIDAM 25 guns recoil.
2 March 2019
Update 28.02.2018 (
A bug when there was a conflict between different control axis has been fixed; A bug whilst using a helicopter weapon overheat caused weapon reload has been fixed. [...]
28 February 2019


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