Update 01.05.2019 (
Hud, interface and visual issues fixed
1 May 2019
Economy changes (25.04.2019)
Reduction in repair price for the A6M5 otsu, G.56 and ships.
25 April 2019
Matchmaking Changes in Naval Battles (04.24.2019)
Sea battles will become more exciting and more interesting. Now any battles with reduced teams will be supplemented with vessels under AI control with a specified number of participants.
24 April 2019
Economy Update 23.04.2019
Research and purchase costs have been decreased for various vehicles, repair cost, shell cost and reward multipliers have been changed.
23 April 2019
Update 22.04.2019 (
A bug where the mouse cursor shimmered when the “show mouse cursor” option was enabled for an additional mouse button, has been fixed.
22 April 2019
Update 17.04.2019 (
A bug where damage received to the tracks of the VFW Flak 41 would create graphical artefacts for the player has been fixed.
17 April 2019
Update 16.04.2019 (
A bug where a helicopter’s altimeter displayed incorrect values whilst flying above water has been fixed
16 April 2019
Update 11.04.2019 (
Correction of a message bug in aircraft; correction of a SA.342M Gazelle flare message bug.
11 April 2019
Update 10.04.2019 (
A bug where by switching to the optical sight it wasn’t possible to control the vehicle by using mouse aiming has been fixed
10 April 2019
Update 09.04.2019 (
A bug where a player was unable to complete the Dynamic campaign in a squad has been fixed.
9 April 2019


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