Update 25.12.2018 (
Bug fixes and battle rating changes.
25 December 2018
Server Update 24.12.2018
New Naval missions for the “Battle” mode has been added for the following locations: African Gulf, Green mountains gulf, Arabian sea. Player’s BR is 3.3 or below.
24 December 2018
Update 21.12.2018 (
Numerous bug fixes and changes for RB Ground Battles respawn costs.
21 December 2018
Server Update 19.12.18
New game mode [Encounter] for combined naval-aircraft battles has been added. Air sim rank 6 bug fix.
19 December 2018
Server Update 19.12.18
Reward changes for critical damage and assists in ground battles.
19 December 2018
Server Update 18.12.18
The profitability of the MiG-15bis ISH (USSR) and F-86F-35 (USA) in the RB and SB game mode has been increased.
18 December 2018
Update 18.12.2018 (
The Prandtl-Gloert (“Sonic Boom”) effect, which previously caused some game crashes, has been reactivated; A bug where the snow in the hangar would produce a water splash effect when falling has been fixed.(..)
18 December 2018
Update 17.12.2018 (
The Prandtl-Gloert (“Sonic Boom”) effect which causes game crashes has been temporary switched off.; A bug, when at the beginning of a mission whilst spawning in an aircraft there was no fuel, has been fixed.
17 December 2018
Update 1.85 “Supersonic” - Changelog
The Major Update 1.85 is here! Supersonic jets, air-air missiles, Italians tanks and much much more!
15 December 2018
Update 13.12.2018 (
A bug where the helicopter position on the client and on the server in some cases were different has been fixed.; A bug when take off was sometimes impossible with specific aircraft in Simulator battles has been fixed. (..)
13 December 2018


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