22 August 2017 Update 22.08.2017 (Server Update)

Type 65 AA: bug fixed, where vehicle was able to fire with gunner knocked out.

17 August 2017 Update 17.08.2017 (

A bug with the Sd.Kfz.234/4 which would cause an applied camo to appear on the wheels has been fixed; A bug which would occur in Enduring Confrontation, where tasks related to finding enemy airfields wouldn’t work properly, has been fixed; Client stability has been improved.

9 August 2017 Update 09.08.2017 (

A bug which would cause the crosshair in sniper view to move whilst aiming at an obstacle in specific tanks has been fixed; The ability to bind specific sight range controls in the tank control settings has been added; Client stability has been improved.

4 August 2017 Update 04.08.2017 (

Client stability has been improved.

1 August 2017 Update 01.08.2017 (

A bug, where unconscious crew members would not be outlined in the damage-cam, has been fixed.; A bug, where the in-game chat during battles would  overlap with the damage indicator, has been fixed.; A bug, where specific multi-engined aircraft would have a dust effect coming from the fuselage, has been fixed.(...)


28 July 2017 Update 28.07.2017 (

A bug where the 3rd stage of the battle tasks (for warbonds) wasn’t displayed in the promoblock has been fixed.

27 July 2017 Update 27.07.2017 (

A bug which would cause reload times to increase a significantly large amount after a vehicle’s loader was eliminated, has been fixed; A bug related to the display of the ground forces damage cam, where the accompanying damage/crew death log text would be incomplete, has been fixed.

25 July 2017 Update 25.07.2017 (

Numerous bug fixes for PvE missions, aircraft, ground vehicles and interface.

24 July 2017 Update 24.07.2017 (

A bug, where decals on vehicles in battle were not always being displayed, has been fixed.; A bug where changing camouflage on some vehicle types was not possible has been fixed.; Client stability has been improved.

21 July 2017 Update 21.07.2017 (

A bug that leads to a client crash on occasion when using smoke shells in the ground battles has been fixed.