Update 20.06.2018 (
A bug related to the flying of aircraft in ground battles, where aircraft guns would be in an overheated state when spawning, has been fixed.(...)
20 June 2018
Server update 19.06.2018
Opening of Naval battle CBT.; Economy: after destroying an enemy vehicle, if the BR difference between an attacking vehicle and its target is more than 1.7 BR, the attacker’s reward in SL will be reduced proportionally to the BR difference. This only applies if the attacker is of higher BR.
19 June 2018
Server update 18.06.2018
T32 - The order of ammunition use has been specified.; XM-803 - A bug with very quick replenishment of the reloading mechanism has been fixed. (...)
19 June 2018
Update 16.06.2018 (
Fixed crash\client become unresponsive that happened sometimes on environment objects (fences etc) destructions.
16 June 2018
Server update 15.06.2018
Type 90 — Possibility to purchase late winter camouflage has been added.; A bug where ATGM icons are not displayed in spectator mode has been fixed.(...)
15 June 2018
Update 15.06.2018 (
A bug where the actions assigned to the “Alt” button would not work if some other key was also being pushed, has been fixed.; A bug relating to vehicle X-Ray view, where low detailed crew members would be shown (as opposed to the normal, higher detailed quality), has been fixed. (...)
15 June 2018
Server update 13.06.2018
XM-1 (GM) - The mechanics of controllable suspension has been added (clearance only). The ammo use order of ammunition consumption has been refined. Now with a minimum amount of shells taken into a battle, these will be placed behind knock-out panels.
13 June 2018
Update 12.06.2018 (
Game crash caused by viewing a damaged model of the vehicle has been fixed.; P-36 (all modifications) - The position of the main landing gear stalks has been fixed.
12 June 2018
Major Update 1.79 "Project X" - changelog
We have named our update “Project-X” not only because of the upcoming release on the Xbox One. Among the interesting features of this update, there are many “X” related items: XM-1 (GM) and XM-1 (Chrysler), XM803, AMX-40 and Fritz-X guided bomb. In addition we have added new locations and missions, hugely reworked sounds for aircraft and added many other changes that made the game even better.
12 June 2018
Update 04.06.2018 (
A bug where the “Zoom” camera position would activate on re-spawned vehicles after being used on a previous (now destroyed) vehicle, has been fixed.
4 June 2018


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