Server update 05.09.2018
FJ-4B VMF-232 — The possibility of using guided AGM-12 Bullpup missiles without research of the required modification has been fixed.
5 September 2018
Update 04.09.2018 (
The weapon camera view on guided AGM-12 Bullpup missiles has been deactivated. Now you can only track the missile by tracer, without the possibility of switching to the view camera view tied to the missile.
4 September 2018
Server update 29.08.2018
From now on, players that lack experience on certain types of vehicles (ground vehicles or aircraft) will have “beginner mode”, where only one difficulty mode is available for activation. This mode allows you to familiarise yourself with the rules of the game before moving onto more complex game modes.
29 August 2018
Server update 27.08.2018
The cost of keys from the trophies "Advancing Storm" I, "Project X" I and "Project X" II has been increased on consoles; Console players are now able to exchange items from the “Project X” II trophy in the Workshop.
27 August 2018
Update 23.08.2018 (
Naval CBT changes and bug fixes.
23 August 2018
Update 17.08.2018 (
Changes in the Flight Models of: F2A-1, Ho 229, La-11.
17 August 2018
Server update 14.08.2018
PS4 and XBox One players are now able to purchase keys for the “Storm I” and “Project X” trophies or the trophies themselves for Golden Eagles using the in game item shop.(...)
14 August 2018
Server Update 10.08.2018
Trophies modifications for Pc, Xbox and Ps4.
10 August 2018
Update 09.08.2018 (
Damage model preview fixes, correction of a bombs and rocket damage bug.
9 August 2018
Server update 01.08.2018
Bug fixes and BR changes for Naval Battles CBT.
1 August 2018


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