Server update 15.11.18
Changes has been made to the naval research trees of Germany and the USSR in order to equalize the speed of player progression and to ensure equal research speed conditions for destroyers.(...)
15 November 2018
Update 14.11.2018 (
A MacOS 10.14 bug where a wrong resolution was applied has been fixed.
14 November 2018
Server update 14.11.18
Tracer for the 76mm shell with radio fuses (ЗС63, Mk.31, DM 261) has been added. The ballistic range for the OF62 shell has been increased from 10 to 15km...
14 November 2018
Update 09.11.2018 (
Changes and bug fixes for Navy.
9 November 2018
Server update 07.11.18
Naval Battles changes, fix in the “38th parallel” mission.
7 November 2018
Update 05.11.2018 (
The RP cost of “parts” and “FPE” modifications has been reduced for ground vehicles: Rank 5 - by 35%; Rank 6 - by 70% (...). Additional bug fixes.
5 November 2018
Server update 01.11.2018
In “Assault Ground Battles arcade” mode at Battle Rating 8.3+, the vehicle line-up given to the players in aircraft strikes has been changed: for 8 destroyed enemies you will be able to choose helicopters with ATGMs (instead of bombers), for 3 - a helicopter with unguided rockets (instead of an attacker) and for 2 - a fighter (as before).
1 November 2018
Server update 31.10.2018
Bug fixes, changes in Naval Battles mechanics, changes in naval vessels DM (...)
31 October 2018
Update 27.10.2018 (
A bug that could cause a client crash when a vessel was destroyed in naval battles has been fixed: A bug when there was no option to choose a joystick axis displayed in controls menu has been fixed: Console players (PS4 and Xbox One) are now able to trade items received from the “Valkyrie I” trophy in the Workshop.
27 October 2018
Update 24.10.2018 (
G.55 and G.56 repair cost decrease, SB research point decrease.
24 October 2018


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