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War Thunder CDK contest prolonged!
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Pilots and tankers, we are prolonging the contest for user created missions, created in War Thunder CDK!

Apply your missions up to 19:59 GMT  20-th of September!

The contest of the user created missions is a chance to get a money prize up to 500$ or special prize of the jury equal of 200$!

Contest task:
Create an interesting mission with WT:CDK help and upload it to live.warthunder.com webside in the “missions” category.
Mission should meet technical requirements, to make it possible to add it to the game, it should have key task after which it will be completed.
More details about the contest, requirements for the missions and CDK manual (link to main thread)

War Thunder CDK - is a Content Development Kit, made to create different user content. In it, you can create missions, maps and interact with 3D models. War Thunder developers are using the same tool.
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