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New Thunder Show: Rules
In this episode, you will briefly learn about the simplified process of submitting your replays that fits the new Thunder Show format
  • 19
  • 17 September 2021
US Air Force Day
Today we salute the USAF on their 74th Birthday! The USAF today continues to meet the highest standards possible, producing many of the finest pilots the world has ever seen.
  • 32
  • 17 September 2021
“Export Order”: PT-16/T14 mod
The PT-16/T14 mod is a later prototype of the current generation German MBT, featuring an autoloading mechanism. German tankers in War Thunder will soon have the chance to add this experimental version of one of the most well-known German fighting vehicles by taking part in the upcoming crafting event!
“Export Order”: Destroyer HMS Mohawk
HMS Mohawk, a Tribal-class destroyer, comes as one of the prizes of the “Export Order” craft event!
  • 72
  • 16 September 2021
Extraordinary STRV
In the 1950s, Sweden, like many other countries, found itself in a pretty tough spot. Europe was caught between two superpowers — the USSR with its satellite states, and the US with the North Atlantic Alliance. One of the biggest things they needed was a domestically produced tank, suited for use in the mountainous terrain of their country. The efforts to develop a new tank started!
  • 3
  • 15 September 2021
Battle of Britain Day
On the 15th of September, 1940, over one and a half thousand experienced pilots from Great Britain with some of its friends and Germany entered battle in the skies over Southern England!
  • 77
  • 15 September 2021
It’s fixed! №22
In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game.
  • 42
  • 15 September 2021
The Shooting Range #269
You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and Captains in War Thunder.
  • 12 September 2021
Thunder Show: Apocalypse? Not Now!
It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week.
  • 10 September 2021
Happy Tankers’ Day!
Hear the engines roar! On September 12th we celebrate Tanker's Day, a holiday of steel armour and steel will! We recognise the drivers, commanders, gunners, loaders, radio operators and designers of tanks. We salute you, the War Thunder ground forces players!
  • 37
  • 10 September 2021
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