M1 Abrams: The Desert Warrior

The M1 Abrams is charging at full speed to the top ranks of War Thunder’s ground battles with the upcoming update 1.77 “Advancing Storm”. Get ready!


24 February 2018

Update 1.77 “Advancing Storm” highlights

Check out the new graphics and vehicles we prepared for Update 1.77!


23 February 2018

Thunder Show: How to start a battle

It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week.

23 February 2018

T-64B: When Good Is Not Good Enough

Fans of Soviet armour will eagerly await update 1.77 “Advancing Storm”, as the T-64B will be one of the many new vehicles coming soon to War Thunder!


23 February 2018

Defender of the fatherland

Do not waste opportunity, win in random battles and get unique prizes or purchase unique bundles with a discount!


22 February 2018

Has decal
AMX-30B2 Brenus: Modern Ironclad

The AMX-30B2 Brenus is a late modification of the famous French second generation main battle tank, which most notably received ERA armor to increase protection against modern ammunition types. Players can expect it in the game as part of the update 1.77 “Advancing Storm”!


22 February 2018

Make your vehicle more authentic!

Make your vehicle more authentic! We regularly introduce new decals that you can unlock and/or purchase.


22 February 2018

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Weekend tournaments, February 24th and 25th

Check out new tournaments this weekend on the TSS portal!

22 February 2018

War Thunder: Ten hidden features!

Today we’ll speak about top ten interesting or useful features of War Thunder... that you might not even be even aware of!

21 February 2018

New sounds in update 1.77

There’s more to War Thunder than military vehicles and graphical beauty – sound also plays an important role. Today we’re going to discuss the major changes to the game’s sound in update 1.77 “Advancing Storm”, Turn up the volume warriors!


21 February 2018

Dagor Engine 5.0: New landscape creation technology

Today we’re going to talk about global changes to the creation of landscape surfaces, and we’ll demonstrate the improvements that players will be able to see in all the familiar ground locations.


20 February 2018

Dagor Engine 5.0: light and shadows: Global Illumination, contact shadows, shadows on effects

Today’s edition of our devblog will discuss how the updated Dagor Engine 5.0 render will add volume to the War Thunder world. It’s all about light and shade!


19 February 2018