25th Day of German Unity

Until the 5th of October, play to receive the rare German He 51 Hydroplane! More Infos here!

Squadron 303: Sikorski's Tourists

In this Community Corner, we're happy to present to you the first part of a video series called "303 Squadron", telling the story of Polish pilots in service with the British Royal Air Force. Enjoy!

3 October 2015

Day of German Unity

Celebrate the Day of German Unity in War Thunder and receive the rare He-51 Hydroplane by leading your team to victory three times!

2 October 2015

'Large Calibres!' Event

Earn additional Research Points and Silver Lions in the unforgiving 'Large Calibres' Arcade Event, for all aircraft with an armament of 37 mm or above!

2 October 2015

Thunder Cup - Qualifying Tournament

This friday a new automated squadron tournament is starting in the format of 7v7 Combined Battles, as a qualifying tournament for the Thunder Cup I! 

2 October 2015

Ace of the Month - October - Remy van Lierde

Belgian fighter ace Colonel Remy van Lierde fought against the Axis forces as part of the British Royal Air Force over Europe. His qualities as a pilot were rewarded with the Distinguished Flying Cross.

1 October 2015

War Thunder Skin, Screenshot and Video Competition - September winners

We present to you the monthly winners of our current War Thunder Skin Competition, Youtube Competition & Screenshot competition. Enjoy!

30 September 2015

War Thunder Video Tutorials - Part 16: Tanks - Realistic Battles

Our series of video tutorials continues in War Thunder! In the sixteenth video, we will discuss about tanks in Realistic Battles in War Thunder!

29 September 2015


The Pe-2 "Peshka" was the most produced Soviet dive bomber of World War II. Liked by it's crews, it proved to be a fast, maneuverable and efficient ground attacker in real life, and is equally efficient in War Thunder.

28 September 2015

Has decal
War Thunder Skin and Screenshot competition September week 4 winners

We present to you the winners of our current War Thunder's Screenshot & skin Competition.

28 September 2015

War Thunder - "Sherman"

In this edition of Community Corner we present to you a bitter-sweet video called "War Thunder - Sherman", in which you can listen to how Sherman Tankers recall these legendary vehicles.

26 September 2015

Global Goals - A Worthwhile Cause

On September the 25th of 2015, UN leaders committed to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years.

25 September 2015

Battles of the Caucasus

Pilots and tankers, the Battle for the Caucasus awaits! Participate in events in all game modes dedicated to this historic battle!

25 September 2015

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