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The Shooting Range #398
You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and Captains in War Thunder.
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  • 17 March 2024
Hi! Welcome to Thunder Show and the craziest moments of the past week. All we have today is a classic set of various explosive fun. Let’s get started!
  • 15 March 2024
Following the Roadmap: Additions in the First Major Update of 2024
War Thunder’s first major update of 2024, Alpha Strike, has been released and with it a fistful of Roadmap features from the Spring to Summer 2024 Roadmap!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
St. Patrick’s Day, one of Ireland’s main holidays, is just around the corner! On March 17th, Ireland and several countries around the world celebrate St. Patrick, the famous missionary and patron saint of Ireland. Along with it, Irish culture is also celebrated on this day, where the country’s flags, plus shamrocks are hung, and participants in parties and parades dress up in green.
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  • 15 March 2024
Imperial Flagship: SMS Baden
We’re presenting to you the main reward for the Imperial Flagship event: the German battleship SMS Baden!
Meet Major Update “Alpha Strike”!
Meet War Thunder’s first major update of 2024! We’ve added several interesting ground vehicles, some of which include five rank VII premiums, the formidable Fox light-tank, to the interesting looking 120S and Zerstörer 45. Hungarian aircraft have now made their way into Italy’s tree, where you’ll be able fly a range of fully-capable aircraft in air and ground battles. The nimble Alpha jet has arrived for Germany and France, plus the warmly welcomed Wessex for Britain. Additionally, IJN Mutsu — featuring the largest guns in the game — is now ready to sail for Japan. North Holland is a new ground forces map, featuring a town and plain terrain, perfect for different combat engagements. And lastly, you can also enjoy several Roadmap additions, one of which is an aircraft fuel slider!
AH-1W Super Cobra: The Venomous Marine
The AH-1W Super Cobra is a later development of the twin-engined AH-1 Cobra, optimized for service with the U.S. Marines. This helicopter will soon be available as part of the next major update in two trees!
Squadron Vehicles: F-5E FCU
The Thai F-5E Tiger II jet fighter is going to be a new squadron vehicle that will be added to the Japanese air research tree in the Alpha Strike major update!
Tank Football 2024!
Take part in a football competition that’s going to leave a lasting impression. Participate in football matches, earn points and receive rewards!
The Shooting Range #397
You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and Captains in War Thunder.
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  • 10 March 2024
Hi! Welcome to Thunder Show and the nicest moments of the past week. The key word for this episode is ‘satisfaction’. Even when things don’t go as planned. Let’s get started!
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  • 8 March 2024
M60 120S: The Frankentank
This is the interesting M60 120S, which takes the M1A1 Abrams’ turret and combines it with the M60A1 hull. This vehicle was designed to be exported to countries that wanted a cheaper and upgradable option for a main battle tank.
Thunder CUP 2024 Results and Updating the Esport II Trophy!
The most prestigious tournament of the year — Thunder CUP 2024, has come to an end! Those of you who have watched the live streams on Twitch have received unique camouflages, the profile picture and the decal through Twitch Drops and were the first to witness who won in the tournament!
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  • 8 March 2024
Happy International Women’s Day!
We’d like to extend our best wishes and congratulations to all women of the world. You are loved and appreciated, we hope your spirits are high, and that you may soar even higher.
Alpha Jet A & E: Alpha Strike!
The long awaited Franco-German strike aircraft will soon be available for you to hone your skills on in War Thunder when it arrives in the Alpha Strike major update. Today we’ll be introducing you to this famous European workhorse that has trained generations of pilots!
Earn SMS Baden in the Imperial Flagship Event!
Welcome to the first naval event in War Thunder’s new event cycle. Take part in the Imperial Flagship event by playing in naval battles to get valuable rewards including SMS Baden, themed decals and a ship flag!
FV721 Fox: An Opportunistic Predator
Let’s have a look at an interesting addition to Britain’s ground forces tree, which is fully capable of speeding around the battlefield and being a nuisance for the enemy team when it arrives in the next major update: say hello to the FV721 Fox!
Climbing the ranks with NEW SOVIET VEHICLES
A few videos ago we looked at the German tech tree and talked about the most interesting German vehicles that were added to the game in recent years. Now it’s time to give the same treatment to the Soviet line-up: it’s been years since we’ve last revisited the roster. There were many exciting additions to it, including quite a few vehicles offering unique gameplay.
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  • 6 March 2024