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It’s Fixed! №92

The Seek & Destroy major update brought many features, but also a handful of unfortunate bugs. In this It’s Fixed article we’ll be talking about some bugs that we fixed that arose due to the release of the major update.

If you’ve found a bug that you’d like to report, you can do so on our community bug reporting platform.

Loading Ammunition Fixes


Loading ammunition into ground vehicles was in reverse order. The loading of shells into each of the ammunition racks of the first and second stages occurred in reverse order, and if the vehicle had several second-stage ammunition racks, the lowest priority one was filled first. We’ve fixed this now.

For example, on the M1 Abrams tanks, after the first stage stowage was filled, the last stowage of the second stage located in the hull began to be filled. Additionally, filling inside all ammo racks occurred from top to bottom, and not from bottom to top.

Visual Weapon Selector Fixes & Default Key Bind Change


One of the main features added in the Seek & Destroy major update was the visual weapon selector for aircraft.

We’ve now changed the default key for this feature to Caps Lock thanks to your feedback on this. This is a more convenient key that is likely not used for many players, and is still easy to reach on the keyboard and only requires one press rather than two keys. The previous default key (SHIFT + A) could be accidentally activated when using other functions, for example taking away mouse control while the selector was displayed on the screen, causing potential problems in battle.

We’ve also fixed a couple of bugs relating to the selector as well. For example, messages in battle overlapped it, and streak aircraft flying in air events in Ground Battles didn’t have the selector available.

And some good news for console players, as we’ve now released the visual weapon selector on all platforms! One temporary exception is that air events in Ground Battles will receive the visual weapon selector on consoles after the client update.

Shaped Charge Shells Fix

We recently discovered a bug in the operation of shaped charge shells. Due to this issue, these shells sometimes ignored the first piece of armor that they faced in their path and no shrapnel formed. We’ve now fixed this problem!

We’ve Done Some Tree Trimming


On the Guiana Highlands, Vietnam Hills, Mysterious Valley and Rice Terraces locations, we’ve reduced the height of some trees.

However, this is not the end of our tree trimming, as we’re aware of problems on Golan Heights, Rocky Pillars and Rocky Canyon and are already working on them. Be sure to let us know if you find any exceptionally and outlandish tall trees anywhere else, and we’ll dispatch our tree trimmers to their location to give them a trim.

Separate Flare + Chaff Fixes

With a lot of work done on separating flares and chaff and changes in how they could be selected, unfortunately they were left unfinished on their release.

We’ve now fixed the vast majority of bugs associated with flares and chaff, for example an insufficient number of each, discrepancies in stat cards and in battle, and the ability to launch them in some cases. You can now use flares and chaff separately for all aircraft where this feature was present.

Naval Fleet Fixes


A bug where multiple fixed torpedo launchers could launch in a single salvo with torpedo launcher selection enabled is now fixed. You reported this one to us, thanks for the report! Torpedoes will now be launched one at a time, as they should do.

The Protection Analysis for ships did not work in custom hangars either, which we’ve now fixed as well.

There’s more

You can find a complete list of fixes and improvements in the below changelogs.

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.

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