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Namer 30: Desert Feline

Today we’ll be showing you the interesting Namer 30, an Israeli armored personnel carrier developed on the Merkava chassis, coming to the top ranks of the Israeli ground tree as part of the Seek & Destroy major update!

Namer 30: A Light Tank for Israel at Rank VII


  • Deadly 30 mm cannon.
  • Spike missiles!
  • Decent protection.
Vehicle History

Up until the early 2000s, Israel’s primary APC was still the American-built M113 which first entered service in the early 1960s. Becoming increasingly clear that the vehicle was susceptible to the threats of the modern battlefield, engineers began work on developing a successor based on the Merkava tank. Following rapid development and successful testing, the Namer officially entered service with the IDF in 2008. In 2016, the Namer underwent an experimental modification which saw it outfitted with a remote controlled 30 mm turret and Spike missile launchers.


Meet the Namer 30!

The Namer 30 will soon take up the place as the new top light vehicle available to the Israeli ground tree in the Seek & Destroy major update. Outfitted with highly potent weapons and offering great mobility, the Namer will greatly reinforce the top ranks and will help diversify ground lineups. Let’s dive into the full details!

This experimental variant of the Namer first derived from exploring the concept of outfitting these vehicles with more powerful weapons, and as a result, this variant features a much different design compared to the others. When comparing to the Merkava though, instead of the high-caliber main tank gun, the Namer is outfitted with a remote-controlled 30 mm turret, possessing fantastic versatility thanks to its high rate of fire and excellent ballistic properties. Furthermore, there’s a pair of twin Spike launchers that greatly expand this vehicle’s anti-tank capability, allowing it to engage even heavily armored targets at a distance of up to 4 km!

Interesting: Because the Namer is based on the Merkava MBT, it features much better protection than most other IFVs.

Download Wallpaper:

You’ll most likely be familiar with IFVs in War Thunder, knowing that they all feature similar characteristics such as being light-weight and having good mobility. The Namer does also stick to this design philosophy to some extent, however due to it inheriting the Merkava’s chassis, it boasts significantly better protection than most other IFVs in the game. While this chassis doesn’t mean you’ll be speeding around like an R3, it does mean you’ll be able to survive extra shots, particularly from other IFVs and aircraft for example. This is thanks to the good positioning of vital modules and the crew behind the engine acting as a barrier to penetrating shots, plus using a remote-controlled turret, further lowering the exposure of crew members from incoming fire.

In your matches by Dmitry, Lead Game Designer: “On paper you have a rather strong hull for an IFV and an uninhabited turret with the well-known 30mm cannon, which is already familiar to many vehicles. On its BR, this cannon can penetrate some MBTs in the LFP, but almost always non-fatally. So don’t go head-on on MBTs, fire at them from afar with spikes, drive into the side of close targets, or don’t light up if both points are no longer feasible. Also try to hunt for other IFVs and SPAAs, and don't forget about scouting -- it helps your allies a lot.

Spike missiles are also well-known to players from such vehicles as Freccia, Vilkas, KF41. They can pleasantly surprise and bring an unexpected frag, but you can't rely on them. They fully support their name -- "fire and forget". I always joke about this: "shoot and forget about the missile", it doesn’t owe you anything, but it may accidentally bring you a reward. Also, don't forget that they reload quickly enough at the capture zone, and on open maps such vehicles become quite good defenders of points: with scouting, an autocannon effective in close combat, and "endless" RNG Spikes.

That’s today’s blog wrapped! The Namer is going to prove to be a good addition to Israeli ground lineups, where you’ll be able to research and try it when it comes to the game in the Seek & Destroy major update. In the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to the news that we’re currently cooking so that you don’t miss out on what’s coming. Until then, have fun in your battles!

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