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Operation Overlord: Churchill AVRE “Petard”

Meet the Churchill AVRE “Petard”, a special modification of the well-known Churchill heavy-tank developed to support infantry units in breaking through heavily fortified positions. Featuring a special high-caliber mortar, this heavy-duty vehicle can be obtained in the Operation Overlord event!

Churchill AVRE “Petard”: A Premium Heavy Tank for Great Britain at Rank II


  • Destructive 230 mm mortar!
  • Excellent armor protection.
  • Sluggish mobility.
  • Limited range on the mortar and low muzzle velocity.
Vehicle History

In 1942, the British army began developing a new heavy assault vehicle that was intended to provide critical support to engineers during combat as part of the Hobart’s Funnies series. After evaluating several potential chassis, tank designers ultimately settled on the Churchill heavy tank as being the ideal option due to its extensive protection, roomy interior and ability to fit side doors for quick access to and from the vehicle. Additionally, the vehicle’s standard primary armament was swapped out with a special 230 mm mortar, capable of blasting away heavy fortifications. After successful testing, the Churchill AVRE "Petard" entered production in January 1943, being converted from standard Mk. III and Mk. IV Churchill tanks. Making its debut during the Normandy landings, the Churchill AVRE "Petard" remained in service for the remainder of the war with over 750 vehicles being produced.


Meet the Churchill AVRE “Petard”!

The Churchill AVRE "Petard" is another one of Britain’s interesting vehicles from the Hobart’s Funnies series of vehicles, designed with specific tasks in mind. This one is for demolishing fortified positions, but of course in War Thunder you’ll be able to have fun taking out enemy vehicles in whatever way possible! Let’s take a look at it.

Generally the AVRE (Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers) concept is not new to the game. Unlike the Centurion AVRE for example, the Churchill AVRE "Petard" first appeared in WWII due to need of specially designed engineering vehicles. The main aspect of this vehicle is its huge 230 mm spigot mortar, designed to demolish defensive fortification lines with a special demolition charge that weighs 18 kg and contains an explosive mass of 8 kg. Thanks to this, a hit with this projectile is almost guaranteed to inflict a huge amount of damage to enemy targets, blasting them to smithereens and back to the hangar!

Interesting: The Churchill AVRE “Petard” was first used on D-Day, 6th June 1944 and was part of Hobart’s Funnies vehicles. These tanks were designed by British engineer Percy Hobart specifically to support troops on D-Day. Some other vehicles in this series include the Crab Sherman, Amphibious Sherman, Bobbin Churchill carpet layer, Churchill Fascine carrier, Churchill Bridge Layer and Churchill Ramp Carrier.

You can get Percy Hobart’s profile icon in June’s Pages of History.

Percy Hobart
Percy Hobart

Check it out here

While incredibly destructive, the mortar is not only difficult to aim due to its low muzzle velocity, but also has severely limited range as it can only engage targets up to just over 150 meters. Combining this with the typical mobility found on the Churchill tanks, you’re limited to close quarter brawls and urban fighting.

On the other hand, the Churchill’s excellent protection will prove as a valuable asset for this type of fighting, allowing you to spearhead an attack and break through the enemy’s lines with good old brute force and sheer determination.

This brilliant and rather entertaining vehicle which many of you have been waiting eagerly for is at last coming to War Thunder as part of the Operation Overlord event. How can you earn this fun vehicle? Play in this event, gain mission points, complete 6 stages and it’s yours!


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