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Today we’re introducing the premium AMX A-1A, a Brazilian variant of the light strike aircraft jointly developed by Italy and Brazil in an effort to modernize their fleets in the 1980s. It’s coming to the game in the Seek & Destroy major update and can be pre-ordered starting from today!

AMX A-1A: A Premium Strike Aircraft for Italy at Rank VII


  • Excellent flight characteristics.
  • 30 mm cannons.
  • Subsonic.
  • Advanced weaponry.
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Vehicle History

During the late 1970s, the Italian Air Force specified a set of requirements for a new aircraft to replace the outdated G.91 and F-104 in their respective roles of ground attack and aerial reconnaissance. Aeritalia and Aermacchi entered a joint venture to develop the new aircraft, with work on the project commencing in 1978. By 1980, Brazil was also looking into modernizing their strike aircraft fleet and thus expressed interest in joining the development of the new aircraft. After agreeing on the requirements in 1981, Embraer joined the consortium, subsequently named AMX International.

Focusing on designing a light and cost-efficient strike aircraft, development of the new aircraft progressed quickly. The first prototype of the aircraft flew in 1984 and following a successful test period, the AMX entered production in 1988. Due to the shared development effort, the Italian and Brazilian variants of the aircraft only differ in minor aspects. After entering service, Italian AMX aircraft participated in operations during the Balkan Wars of the 1990s and Libya in 2011 where the type distinguished itself in combat. The AMX is still in active service Brazilian air forces to this day, while in Italy they were just retired in 2024.

Meet the AMX A-1A!

The AMX A-1A is the Brazilian variant of a light strike aircraft co-developed by Italy and Brazil to replace older types in the ground strike and reconnaissance roles. Soon, you’ll be able to look forward to this Brazilian variant that’s coming to the game in the Seek & Destroy major update as as premium aircraft that can be pre-ordered from today. Let’s take a closer look at the differences of this modification of the AMX!

Generally speaking, the AMX A-1A is very similar to its Italian relative. This aircraft is also powered by the Rolls-Royce Spey 807 engine, giving it the ability to reach a max top speed of 1,150 km/h at sea level. By sharing the same aerodynamic design, the A1A features identical flight performance as the AMX that you may be familiar with. As such, you can rely on this aircraft being ideally optimized for low altitude ground attack runs, while simultaneously being capable of standing its own during dogfights.

One of the features which distinguish the Brazilian variant is found in its primary armament. Unlike the Italian AMX, the A1A is fitted with a pair of 30 mm cannons. While not being able to match the rate of fire of the Vulcan cannon found on the AMX, the 30 mm cannons do pack a deadlier punch and can penetrate even more heavily armored targets with the use of correct ammunition. In addition to the upgraded cannons, the A1A offers a plethora of suspended ordnance options ranging from conventional bombs to high precision guided munitions such as the BA-FG-230-Lizard-2 guided bomb, which is new to the game.

What’s particularly interesting in this case is that the AMX A-1A will offer completely unique Brazilian ordnance options, such as the new MAA-1 Piranha missile, unguided rockets or a whole slew of new bomb calibers, including incendiary ones for example. The AMX A-1A can also be equipped with the LITENING II targeting pod, which is known and favored by many players!

The AMX A-1A will soon be coming as a new premium aircraft to the Italian aviation tree. You can pre-order it starting from today to receive unique pre-order bonuses. That’s all for today’s devblog. In the meantime, be sure to follow the news for the latest information regarding the upcoming update. Until then, happy hunting and clear skies pilots!

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