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Bernau: Birdcatcher

Meet the Bernau minesweeper, which is equipped with rapid-firing anti-aircraft guns and a Strela-2M air defense missile launcher! This one’s an interesting addition to the German Coastal fleet research tree, coming soon in the next major update.

Bernau: A Minesweeper for Germany at Rank IV


  • 3 x twin 25 mm machine guns.
  • Strela-2M SAM.
  • Low top speed.
Vehicle History

Project 89 minesweepers have been built in the GDR since the late 60s, and their NATO classification was Kondor. Project 89 ships underwent four modernization programs, the latest and most advanced of which was designated 89.2 UR2 or Kondor II. These included the installation of modern sonar and radar equipment, as well as the Strela-2M anti-aircraft missile system in the FASTA launcher. These ships could operate as part of distant sea and ocean formations and were placed in service with the German Navy until 1995. After decommissioning, some of the Kondor II ships were sold to other countries, including Indonesia, Uruguay and Latvia.


Meet the Bernau

The German Bernau is a representative of a rare class of SAM carriers in the game. Today we’ll be taking a look at this interesting ship coming to Germany’s Coastal fleet tree. Let’s dive in!

Coastal fleet ships are usually smaller, but the Bernau is a fairy large ship, armed with three twin mounts with 25 mm autocannons and a FASTA 4M2 launcher with Strela-2M anti-aircraft missiles. This ship also has a radar to detect air targets too, and a crew of 29 people.

Download Wallpaper:

Interesting: Three Kondor series ships purchased by the Maltese Government were sunk in the most picturesque of places on the island’s coast and are used as tourist spots for divers.

Its length is more than 50 meters and its maximum speed is just 18.5 knots (34 km/h), meaning the Bernau is primarily a backline fighter. Well hidden behind islands and low cliffs, make sure to use the Bernau as your team’s main aircraft cover at long distances. This ship can also be used is for artillery ambushes at capture points, where the Bernau can use its rapid-firing 25 mm cannons!


This unusual anti-aircraft ship is coming to the game in the next major update at rank IV of the German Coastal fleet tree. Until then, keep an eye on our website for more dev blogs that we’re currently cooking!

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