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XM800T: Brave Prowess

Meet an interesting new reconnaissance vehicle coming to the US ground forces tree: the XM800T light vehicle!

XM800T: A Light Tank for the USA at Rank V


  • Stabilized 20 mm cannon.
  • High mobility.
  • Amphibious capability.
  • Low survivability.
Vehicle History

In the summer of 1974, as part of the ARSV (Armored Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle) program to create a new command and reconnaissance vehicle to replace the M114, FMC Corporation presented a prototype of a new generation of scout vehicle on a tracked chassis for testing. Despite satisfactory performance, the tracked version did not meet the required weight limits and was not accepted for production. In total, FMC built 3 XM800T experimental prototypes, one of which was designed as a tank destroyer and equipped with a TOW anti-tank guided missile launcher.


Meet the XM800T!

Today we’ll be showing you the interesting XM800T, which is an experimental tracked amphibious reconnaissance vehicle armed with a 20 mm autocannon. Let’s jump into the details and take a look!

This new vehicle will arrive to the game in the next major update at rank V in the US ground forces research tree. Overall the USA is famous for its excellent light vehicles, and the new XM800T is certainly no exception to this. With fairly compact dimensions and a height of just over 2 meters, this vehicle is distinguished by its high power. A 285 HP engine, the same found on the M551 Sheridan, means the XM800T can accelerate to 83.5 km/h on paved surfaces and provides the vehicle with great driving characteristics!

Download Wallpaper:

Featured in the turret is a 20 mm cannon for use against enemy vehicles and a 7.62 mm machine gun for all your fence and bush destroying needs. The 20 mm cannon is the main star of the show here, which is automatic, stabilized, and belt-fed with the belts consisting of high-explosive fragmentation and armor-piercing incendiary tracer shells.

Interesting: All 3 built examples of the XM800T have survived to this day! One vehicle is located at Fort Moore, Georgia, the second is in a private collection in California, and the third is in Danbury, Connecticut.

The XM800T’s armor is light and provides protection against fragmentation, but since it’s made of aluminum alloy it does not provide reliable cover for three crew members, even against heavy machine guns. This vehicle is also amphibious and can float on water, although there’s no separate engine for this, it instead uses its tracks to traverse around on water.

In your matches by Tom, Lead Community Manager: “There’s a lot of ways you can use a tank like this effectively so there’s not really an ideal way to approach it, it’s mostly dependent on the map and what your goal is. If you can find a road into the map from the offset the XM800T can absolutely rush in and disrupt the first wave of enemy vehicles by getting into unpredictable spots quickly (alternatively it’s also a good late-game spawn as there’s often softer targets and more low flying aircraft around). Aside from that you’re a reliable support tank — stick with your team, use your cannon to damage barrels and tracks and scout enemies for some cheap air spawns.”

That’s today’s blog! The XM800T will be arriving in the next major update and will be sure to provide you with a good scout vehicle in your lineups. Be sure to stay in touch and keep an eye on our website for more dev blogs coming soon. Until then see you around and enjoy your battles!

Please note that vehicle characteristics may be adjusted before this vehicle is added to the game.

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