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We’re Rewarding Authors whose work has been included in Camouflage Trophies!

Recently, we released the Alpha Strike trophy! This one was special as it was the 30th trophy released with major updates containing original camouflages from WT Live. For this anniversary, we’ve decided to reward all of the authors whose work has ever been included in one of them.

Each author of at least one camouflage that was included in one of the trophies will receive the unique “Artist of War” title, the “J.S. Wilson” profile icon and the “Snail Artist” decal! In the future, all new authors of camouflages that are included in one of the trophies will also receive these rewards.

Декаль «Улитка-художник»
Snail Artist” decal
Иконка игрока «Дж. С. Уилсон»
J.S. Wilson” profile icon

Let’s take a look at some statistics on this anniversary. Excluding camouflages from Esports trophies, 1,185 camouflages from 160 authors were added to the game. Of these, 52 are for helicopters, 489 for airplanes, 64 for ships and 580 for ground vehicles. US vehicles received 243 camouflages, USSR 233, Germany 216, Great Britain 130, Japan 92, China 61, France 89, Italy 57, Sweden 45, and Israel 19.

Don’t forget, individual Esport trophies that were jointly created with esports teams, award-winning tournament participants and WT Live authors. 2 of the trophies with 75 camouflages have already been released!

Become a camouflage author!

The number of camouflage authors added to the game and to the market is constantly growing. For example, four new authors debuted in the Alpha Strike trophy. Read the article about creating camouflages and participate in the affiliate program — this will bring you not only fame, but also real money!

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