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Anniversary of the La-5’s First Flight!

The LaGG-5 (later renamed to La-5), created by the OKB-21 under the leadership of S.A. Lavochkin made its first flight on March 21st 1942. By the summer of the same year, this aircraft arrived to the front where it went up against the Luftwaffe’s Fw 190. The La-5 was actively used until the end of the war, and almost 10,000 were built.

The La-5FN (Germany) is temporarily available for the Golden Eagles!

In honor of its first flight, the premium German La-5FN is available for 5,250 Golden Eagles.

When: From March 21st (11:00 GMT) until March 24th (12:00).

Where: Germany > Aviation > Premium vehicles.

About this aircraft

  • The La-5FN improves upon the original variant of this aircraft. One of its main improvements was the more powerful M-82FN engine, giving it significantly increased speed and maneuverability. It’s best at low altitudes, handles well and is armed with a good pair of 20 mm ShVAK cannons.
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