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M60 120S: The Frankentank

This is the interesting M60 120S, which takes the M1A1 Abrams’ turret and combines it with the M60A1 hull. This vehicle was designed to be exported to countries that wanted a cheaper and upgradable option for a main battle tank.

M60 120S: An MBT for the USA at Rank VII


  • 120 mm smoothbore cannon!
  • Laser rangefinder.
  • Thermal sight.
Vehicle History

Late in 1999, General Dynamics Land Systems were looking to put a tank together that was suitable to export to countries as a cheaper alternative to the current main battle tanks. To attract buyers, it was decided to pair an M1A1 turret onto an M60A1 hull — a hull which was already in use with many countries around the world. This combination could also allow for countries to convert their existing M60 hulls into the M60 120S standard if required. In August 2001 the first prototype was completed and subsequently shown at the IDEF Exhibition in Turkey in October 2001. Having been proposed to countries such as Turkey and Egypt, there was no interest and the project was abandoned with only 1 prototype being built.


Meet the M60 120S!

The M60 120S is what you get when you take an M1A1 Abrams tank turret and wedge it onto an M60A1 hull — you get some sort of Frankenstein creation, which is in fact going to be arriving in the Alpha Strike major update. Let’s take a look at what else this scary monster has to offer!

For those of you who are already familiar with the Abrams in-game, this tank is going to feel quite close to home. This is because the M60 120S comes fitted with a 120 mm M256 smoothbore cannon that’s capable of firing HEAT-FS and the M829A1 APFSDS round, which are good enough to take out most enemy tanks at this rank. To top it all off, the main gun is backed up with good electronics including a handy laser rangefinder and GEN 1 thermal sights for the gunner, perfect for engaging targets at longer distances. In typical fashion, we must not forget about the .50 caliber machine gun on the turret roof that’s solid for firing at low flying helicopters and planes!

Download Wallpaper:

As probably expected, the armor of the M60 120S is a combination of two things. It takes the M1A1 turret — featuring composite armor — and combines it with the weaker M60 hull armor that has no composite armor to speak of. The end result is a mishmash of core tank parts from two different eras of tank design. Ensure you try to utilize your turret armor, which is stronger than the hull!

Due to the placement of a heavier turret, the mass of the M60 120S is 56 tons, which is heavier than the M60. In terms of mobility, this tank features the same 750 HP engine as a regular M60, allowing it to reach a max speed of 48 km/h, but its general maneuverability will feel more sluggish due to the increased weight. Overall the M60 120S is certainly not the fastest, but will still allow you to get to positions or get to capture points at a reasonable pace!


In your matches by Viacheslav, Game Director: “The 120S is going to provide good firepower to some lineups. You will be able to withstand some shots to the turret, but your weaker hull will be penetrated by the majority of shells at this Battle Rating, so make sure to hide it wherever possible. I would peek over ridge lines and hills, utilizing the 120 mm’s firepower to your advantage ensuring your hull is not exposed to enemies.”

With that, we’ve reached the end of this development blog! In short, the M60 120S is going to be a fun tank to play in different types of lineups. Keep an eye out on our website for other blogs that will be coming, until then, success to you in battle!

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