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The AMX-30 Super is Returning and is Here to Stay!
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The French AMX-30 main battle tank entered service as early as 1966, but its first real combat test came on January 30th 1991 during the Gulf War. During the Battle of Khafji, Qatari AMX-30s fought Iraqi T-55s, destroying three enemy tanks and capturing four more with only the loss of two AMX-30s.

The AMX-30 Super is available for Golden Eagles and is here to stay!

When: From January 30th (11:00 GMT).

Where: France > Army > Premium vehicles.


About this tank

  • The AMX-30 Super derived from a modernization project for the AMX-30B tank offered to Saudi Arabia in 1988, but was never adopted. This tank features an improved fire control system with a stabilizer and a 850 hp engine. A combination of a great APFSDS shell, thermals, good mobility and a stabilizer — which is lacking on other AMX-30 variants — makes the AMX-30 Super a super fun tank to play!
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