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St. Andrew’s Day: The Scottish Saltire Decal to Celebrate!

On November 30th Scotland celebrates St. Andrew’s Day, and for this occasion we’re temporarily bringing back the Scottish Saltire decal for Golden Eagles. Grab yourself this awesome flag and proudly display it on your vehicles and learn about the history of this day below.

History and Legend

Feasts honoring St. Andrew dates back to the year 1000 AD, and the holiday has been observed throughout Scotland for more than a millennium. But he didn’t formally become Scotland's patron saint until 1320, when the Declaration of Arbroath was signed, legally declaring Scotland’s independence. Ever since, St. Andrew has grown to be a vital component of Scottish culture. The ancient town of St. Andrews was given its name because it is purported to be the ultimate resting place of St. Andrew.

The “Scottish Saltire” decal is available to purchase for Golden Eagles!

When: From November 29th (11:00 GMT) until December 4th (07:00 GMT)

Where: You can find it in your profile: Nickname → Decals → Common → World Flags.

“Scottish Saltire” decal

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