War Thunder background
Battleships HMS Iron Duke and IJN Yamashiro!

HMS Iron Duke

Dreadnought battleship HMS Iron Duke (named after the Duke of Wellington) was the lead ship of her class in the Royal Navy. Iron Duke took part in significant battles of the First World War, including the epic Battle of Jutland where she was the flagship of the Grand Fleet under the personal command of Admiral John Jellicoe. In War Thunder, Iron Duke relies on powerful armor, an excellent main armament of 10 343mm (13.5 inch) guns and devastating high-explosive and also semi-armor-piercing shells with a large explosive charge.

Like most pre-war battleships, Iron Duke has mediocre air defense, so in battle it is advisable to stay in a group of friendly ships to help protect against aircraft!

IJN Yamashiro

Battleship IJN Yamashiro was built before the events of the First World War but first fought during World War II. In her last battle in Leyte Gulf, Yamashiro was up against six American battleships with only 10 members of her huge crew surviving, with Vice-Admiral Shōji Nishimura going down with the ship too. In War Thunder, Yamashiro will be one of the best ships in terms of firepower — 12 main guns with a 356 mm caliber and 8 additional 152 mm auxiliary guns on each side!

The Yamashiro is also perfectly protected, packs a good punch, and speeds up research on any ship in Japan's Bluewater fleet!

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