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We’re rounding up some of the bugs and issues that we’ve fixed since last week, including some of the bugs that we’ve fixed in today’s update. As always, thank you very much for all of your bug reports!

If you’ve found a bug that you’d like to report, you can do so on our community bug reporting platform. Let’s dive into the details of this article!

Better camera tracking for missiles and bombs

With today’s update, when tracking missiles and bombs through the tracking camera, the camera better directs at the target, making it easier to see where your fired ordnance is going. Thanks to this change, you’ll be able to more easily see the flight trajectory of the missile or bomb that you launched!

Improvements to traction for wheeled vehicles

Today, we’ve also improved the traction of wheeled vehicles when driving over terrain that doesn’t have mud or grass. It’ll now feel better to drive over these types of terrain — wheeled vehicles will pick up speed faster, and will be easier to control!

Tracking camouflage progress made easier

It’s now more convenient for you to track the progress of camouflages! Last week, in a vehicle’s modification window next to the Talisman box, there’s a camouflage box that shows progress towards the current camouflage. From here, you can click on this box which will then bring you to the regular camouflage customization area, so you can check out all other camouflages for a vehicle as normal!

Fixed aircraft visibility in front of clouds

Last week, we fixed a graphic issue related to clouds and aircraft. What happened was, aircraft flickered when they were in front of the backdrop of clouds at medium and longer distances. This issue made aircraft difficult to spot and overall was quite annoying. We discovered what was causing this, so this issue won’t be happening anymore.

There’s a lot more!

You’ll be able to see the full list of bug fixes and improvements that we’ve made recently below.

Here’s a quick summary of some other fixes in the past 2 weeks: Vehicle stat card photos have been improved and several maps and missions have been given different aircraft sizes depending on the Battle Rating of the match. Check out the rest!

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.

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