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39.M Csaba: The Youngest Son

The 39.М Csaba armored car is the first researchable vehicle of the Hungarian armored vehicles lineup!

39.М Csaba, light tank, Italy, rank I


  • High forward and reverse speed.
  • Limited magazines of the 20mm anti tank rifle.
  • Lightly armored.

The development of the Csaba armored car began in 1932 with a four-wheeled prototype designed by an engineer Nikolaus Straussler. Shortly after, the second prototype appeared, and in 1937, followed by the the third prototype built by Hungarian-British company Alvis-Straussler, an order for which was placed by Holland, Portugal and Great Britain. The same vehicle was also of interest to the Hungarian armed forces. After the required modifications made to the second prototype, it was put into service under the designation 39.M Csaba, in honor of the youngest son of Attila, the king of Huns. In addition to the standard ones, command, training and police versions of the Csaba were also produced. Armored cars were used during the attack on Yugoslavia, against the Red Army during the invasion in the USSR, fought in Poland, the last of the surviving vehicles fought in Hungary. Not a single 39.M Csaba has survived to this day.


The 39.M Csaba armored car will start the research of a new Hungarian lineup of armored vehicles as part of the Italian ground vehicles research tree. Meet the Csaba, a fast little scout with an independent suspension and a 20mm cannon. Let’s take a look!

The Csaba has a good power-to-weight ratio, and thanks to its 90 HP Ford engine, allows it to accelerate up to 65 km/h on paved roads when driving forward… and also in reverse!

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As for firepower, the main caliber weapon that is featured on the Csaba is a licensed version of the 20mm Swiss QF 36.M Solothurn anti-tank rifle. This gun is magazine fed, which can be equipped with both armor piercing and high-explosive fragmentation shells. These AP shells will work well against enemy light vehicles, however with not the highest rate of fire and small magazine size of 5 shells, you’ll need to aim precisely at an enemy's important internal components, such as the ammo or crew.

The armor on the Csaba is only bulletproof, and as a result of this, in almost all areas except the forehead of the hull, the Csaba can be penetrated by the fire of heavy machine guns as well as enemy anti-tank guns. These types of weaponry will pierce through with ease.

The addition of the exciting 39.M Csaba means that it will open the way for you to explore Hungarian armored vehicles. That’s all for now — come and drive them, there are lots of interesting things ahead!

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