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Pvkv IV: the Last Effort

The Pvkv IV is the final design of a series of experimental Swedish tank destroyers, developed in the postwar period in an effort to equip the armed forces with modern fighting vehicles. Soon, the Pvkv IV will reinforce the early ranks of the Swedish ground forces tree with its arrival as part of the next major War Thunder update!

Briefly: A prototype Swedish tank destroyer based on the Strv m/40L chassis, fitted with a powerful 57 mm anti-tank cannon.

Pvkv IV, tank destroyer, Sweden, Rank III


  • Punchy 57 mm cannon
  • Good mobility
  • Light protection
  • Low turret traverse rate

The Pvkv IV was part of the same development program which resulted in the development of the Pvkv II and III tank destroyers. The aim of the project was to hastily design capable new tank destroyers that could effectively match the late war and early postwar tank designs of other nations while utilizing available platforms and avoiding costly cleansheet developments.

The result of this undertaking was the development of two tank destroyers based on the Strv m/41 (Pvkv II & III) as well as one design based on the Strv m/40L (Pvkv IV). The Pvkv IV featured a redesigned turret in order to house a modified 57 mm Pvkan m/43 cannon, with special attention being paid to modifications to reduce the cannon’s recoil.

In the early 1950s, the vehicle underwent comparative trials against the French AMX-13 light tank. Ultimately, the Pvkv IV wasn’t ordered into production as the Strv 74 was adopted into service. Furthermore, with the decision of the military to also adopt foreign vehicles into their fleets instead of pursuing own developments, the need for further work on the project became redundant, resulting in the cancellation of the project.


In War Thunder, the Pvkv IV will complete the family of Swedish postwar experimental tank destroyers which began with the introduction of the Pvkv II in a previous update. Compared to its close relatives, the Pvkv IV brings with it some interesting differences which we’re keen to discuss with you in today’s devblog.

The most notable feature differentiating the Pvkv IV from its related designs is the fact that the vehicle is fitted with a fully enclosed fighting compartment, offering a higher degree of protection from enemy fire and shrapnel when compared to the familiar Pvkv II and III. Furthermore, the Pvkv IV is armed with the 57 mm Pvkan m/43, which tankers may be familiar with from the Pvkv III. Featuring overall good ballistic properties, the m/43 cannon is capable of punching through the armor of hostile vehicles at most common engagement distances at this rank. In contrast to the Pvkv III, the cannon of the Pvkv IV has a lengthier reload time caused by the cramped ergonomics of the turret which aspiring commanders of this vehicle ought to take into account before committing to intense brawls.

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Having already mentioned the vehicle’s new turret as an improvement over the open fighting compartments on the other Pvkv’s, the Pvkv IV’s overall protection is comparable to the vehicle it’s based on - the Strv m/40L. However, as this is a light tank, commanders shouldn’t expect incredible levels of protection. In fact, the Pvkv IV’s hull can withstand machine gun and autocannon fire, but its relatively large turret is only protected by 13 mm of armored plating, thus making it very vulnerable to incoming enemy fire.


On the other hand, being a light tank ensures that the Pvkv IV possesses decent mobility, regardless of the terrain type. Being powered by a 142 hp gasoline engine, the Pvkv IV can reach a comfortable speed of 45 km/h under ideal conditions while its respectable power-to-weight ratio ensures quick acceleration and good mobility in off-road conditions.

Meet the Pvkv IV as it arrives at the medium ranks of the Swedish ground forces tree as part of the next major War Thunder update. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to the news as we continue to keep you posted on all the latest developments surrounding the upcoming update. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

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