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Patria CT-CV 105HP tank destroyer

The experimental Finnish wheeled tank destroyer with 105mm gun and autoloader boasts perfect drive and fire performance.

Patria CT-CV 105HP, light tank, Sweden, rank VI. Event vehicle.


  • High speed
  • Deadly APFSDS
  • High profile

The first prototype of the Finnish Patria AMV (Armored Modular Vehicle) appeared in 2001, soon after, the vehicle was adopted by the Finnish army in 2003. Various modifications of the Patria AMV are in service with the armies of Finland, Poland, South Africa, Slovenia, Sweden and other countries. In 2007, a prototype with a Cockerill CT-CV 105HP turret and a 105 mm rifled gun was built.


It's time to talk about the main tank prize! Patria CT-CV 105HP is an experimental combat vehicle that will appear at rank VI in the Swedish ground vehicle lineup. Modular armored vehicle Patria AMV equipped with a new turret with a 105-mm gun, which essentially turns the IFV into a light tank. The gun is already known to players from another Swedish vehicle - the premium CV 90105 XC-8, it is a low-impulse cannon with a stabilizer and an excellent choice of shells, including a HEAT, HESH and a pair of APFSDS shells with armor penetration around 400 mm. Also it is worth noting that the Patria CT-CV 105HP has an autoloader for 12 shots, which speeds up the reloading greatly.

The chassis of the Patria AMV is 8x8 off-road ready and able to reach over 100 km/h on a paved road. Despite some bulkiness due to the high profile, the Patria CT-CV 105HP has a high power-to-weight ratio, it is nimble, dynamic, with good acceleration.

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As for the shortcomings of the Patria CT-CV 105HP, in addition to the obviously light armor, it is worth mentioning its high silhouette. Unlike other vehicles of the Patria family, the vehicle received an additional spacer on the turret ring. Yes, you can see further, but hiding the Patria CT-CV 105HP is not easy.

As for everything else, Patria is a great modern scout vehicle and tank destroyer: thermal imager, smoke grenades and reconnaissance UAV, everything is in place!

As a reminder, the Patria AMV CT-CV 105HP will be available only during the days of the event, so don't miss your chance to get perhaps the best scout of Sweden for top tier battles!

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